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Friday, August 8, 2008

Crazy Eights

Today marks a date that happens once every one hundred years (08/08/08), so it's only natural to feature: the number 8 in this here post. In Chinese numerology, the number 8 has superior meaning, as in some dialects the words for "fortune" and "eight" are one in the same. The Beijing Olympics will get their start today at 08:08:08 pm in China (am in America) in the 91,000 seat Olympic Stadium.

Some thoughts and figures on the number 8:

- 100 years ago today, Wilbur Wright, the eldest brother, made the first flight in public in front of a small crowd of about 30 people at the Hunaudieres racetrack near Le Mans, France. After many delays, Wilbur at last took off and handled his Flyer with such skill that he left his audience breathless.

- Some famous number 8's in sport: Cal Ripken, Jr., Kobe Bryant (early years), Dale Earnhardt (early years), Gennaro Gattuso (Italian soccer star), Carl Yastrzemski, Yogi Berra and Cam Neeley. (Can you think of any others...I know I'm missing a major one)

- Eight pints make a gallon (think Parting Glass).

- The Greek and Roman weeks were once eight days long, starting and ending on Sunday. (Makes for a long weekend)

- Eight is the third number that stays the same when written upside down.

- A $1 Pick 3 with two horses in each leg costs 8 dollars.

- According to Indian mythology, the Earth is supported on the backs of eight white elephants. (I have nothing to add here)

- The expression "being behind the eight ball" means to be in a difficult or baffling situation.

- In 2006, the three Triple Crown winners all wore the number 8 (Barbaro, Bernardini and Jazil). (This is a horse racing blog for goodness sakes.)

- The chemical element Oxygen has an atomic number of 8.

- The number 8 encourages financial security. Some old wives tales say you should write the number 8 on a piece of paper, put it in your wallet or purse and forget about it, and allegedly it will give you good luck financially.

- Big point available in my Toga contest today for the picker of the number of winners at the Spa today adorned with the number 8. (I guessed 2). There are six #8 entries on today's ten race card and one MTO in the feature Waya Stakes (Race 8 of course).

- The telephone number 8888-8888 famously sold for nearly $300,000 in Chengdu, southwest China's Sichuan Province, and license plates with the number 8 in them are also considered valuable. (Famously idiotic)

- Ever see eight maids a milking? (Bet you're humming it to yourself right now)

- Rob Bironas of the Tennessee Titans holds the NFL record kicking 8 field goals in one game versus the Houston Texans in October 2007.

- RIP Eight Belles


Winston...not really said...

Troy Aikman, Steve Young

Anonymous said...

Joe Morgan (HOF), Willie Stargell(HOF), Andre Dawson near HOF (65% in last vote)

Anonymous said...

What was that Beatles song with an 8?

EquiSpace said...

Winston: A Bflo guy would never extol the virtues of one Troy with Stevie Young.

Anon 9.25: Excellent choices.

Anon 9.31: Eight Days a Week!

Thanks for reading.

SaratogaSpa said...

Now that the Spa card is cancelled and only 2 races went off with no winners for # 8, I declare all betting on this entry in the toga contest to be null and void as predictions were based on a full card. Yesterday hail at the track, today flooding, what's on tap for tomorrow-Locusts?

Winston...not really said...

In the interest of self-interest, I say we keep the votes as cast. Those that voted for zero should get full credit.

Much like the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government bond....wait, nevermind.

Geno, at least you get to PLAY against Favre now.

Valerie said...

Ditto! I guessed zero #8 winners for today too. Makes up for picking Mott to repeat his trainer's title. God, what's wrong with that man?

EquiSpace said...

Since Winston and Valerie took the time to review the Farmers' Almanac to know a gale force hail and rainstorm was imminent....and since it's my contest and their was official racing at the Spa today (and no $ involved)...i'm letting the Zero stand. 1 point each to Gathering the Wind and Foolish Pleasure.

RE Favre: I look forward to seeing him on his back all day long on Sunday November 2nd.


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