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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Off this morning to Saratoga to do a little fishin' for winners!

First stop, Ballston Spa, for a little golf match with The Saratoga Resident and M-Bug. A East (Capital District) vs. West (Buffalo) grudge match wherein they'll be trying to wrestle the annnual East-West crown away from me and my partner G-Money (G-$$).

Received a funny email yesterday from my pal JB who gave me the idea for the Toga meet contest (last day to pick is tomorrow, the picks are coming in fast and furious). Apparently his fiancee (let's call her JB's K) wanted in on the action but thought the questions were unfair so she posed her own contest for those who wish to participate (her answers first, mine in parenthesis):

1. Most popular shoes not worn by horses - Prada (Jimmy "I Lost My" Choo)
2. Least crowded ladies room - 2nd floor clubhouse, past finish line (no idea)
3. Best place to watch races - 3rd floor clubhouse - Turf Terrace on the finish line (Stewards booth)
4. Most popular drink - Sparkling Saratoga water (Bud Light - shameless client plug)
5. Where to go after the races - The Lodge (Grey Gelding)
6. Where not to go after the races - The Horseshoe (Harness Track)
7. Most popular Travers Day outfit - Ann Taylor sun dress and hat (LOL)
8. Best way to pick a winner - Gray skies = gray horse (Ask Saratoga Resident, avoid choice)

Thanks, JB's K, for your input and hilarity. PS I won't be tracking this contest.

And they're off at Saratoga.......



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