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Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Look at Racing's First Tweets

The Tweeter recently turned 8 years old and Twitter has concocted a website to take a look at various users' First Tweets. (h/t @TrendingBuffalo) Of course, this opens the door to have some fun and we're all about having fun in the Space Station (see "Twitter Accounts Back in Time").

So I decided to check out some of my racing Twitter pals and some folks I like to follow on the Tweeter from an informational and entertainment (mostly entertainment) perspective...starting with none other than yours truly before we take a little ride through the archives.

12/06/2008:  Early adopter...but what a dork...twittering...really?

6/22/2010: The Pocket is one of the best follows in surprise he's looking for a harness draw.

5/4/2011: In time for Derby 137, my pal Mac joined with great fanfare.

4/10/2007: One of the racing pioneers on twitter provided some cool racing insights. (PS dana is a super terrific follow!)

12/22/2008: My man Derek is as witty as they come.

10/23/2008: How about K-Mart promoting the now defunct TBA page and one of our blogger contests. Wonder what his pal Chad's firster was?

9/9/2011: Welcome to the Club.

5/16/2009: Couldn't find dana's response...guessing she does.

10/6/2010: One of the few racing parody accounts entered the scene in 2010.

5/11/2009: Translation - talking with my bookie.

7/25/2008: This is awesome on so many levels.

3/1/2009: No shocker here, Sid is an authority on pedigree and international racing.

12/31/2008: Happy New Year! Our guide to Woodbine snarks on Aqueduct.

4/14/2011: Late to the party and likely addicted.

10/12/2010: Classic.

1/6/2012: Maybe my favorite.

6/25/2009: You don't say.

4/21/2009: The Tweeter is a wealth of information.

7/21/2012: The Goose is loose!

7/7/2009: The eternal optimist.

I think I'll quit on that note.  Enjoy the weekend.



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