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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


If you've noticed it's been a tad quiet around these parts, just take a look at the day has now passed and we're back in the blog saddle again. I've been keeping the Derby spreadsheet updated (see sidebar link), and this weekend's Beyers have been added for those who ran in the Arkansas Derby and Blue Grass Stakes.

I included Archarcharch in last week's Derby Dozen poll submission at No. 11, but unfortunately didn't back him at the windows on Saturday. I was at a dinner party so I didn't even watch the race until Sunday morning on the most excellent Equibase Racing Yearbook app for the iPhone/iPad. I was impressed by both Archarcharch and Nehro's late run, but it only proves they can get 9 furlongs, the extra furlong is the big mystery in the handicapping puzzle we'll try and sort out over the next 2 1/2 weeks.

I posted a recap of the weekend stakes and my Finger Lakes visit Saturday afternoon at my Sports, Ink Blog at The News. We had a group of about ten gents with us at the track, eight of whom were at an all-night poker party on Canandaigua Lake whom were mostly new to the track. I had fun helping them with the different bets, utilizing the iTote Calculator app to calculate the wager totals. We had a show pool going, that died in the 5th, we had some thrilling moments fooling around with that. Overall, it was great not looking at a tax form or sitting behind a desk!

I met Peter Borelli (@WNYHorseRacing on twitter) who organized Steven Crist's visit and was fortunate enough to spend 10-15 minutes with Pete and Steve. It was great meeting him again (this time we weren't at a Mobil station in Saratoga) and we talked about a wide range of topics from bloggers in the basement, breaking the 4 hour barrier to the Spa (me from Bflo, him from LI) to the Blue Grass. He posted a positive recap of his trip to the Finger (my pal GG loves calling it the Thumb) and the fundraiser for the Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program.

We didn't play too many of the nine straight 4.5 furlong races on the sloppy FL track, concentrating on Keeneland and Tampa most of the afternoon. The Saratoga Resident and I did receive a funny text from the Puma in Clifton Park, who called Finger Lakes "the April place to be."

So we'll get the blog back rejuvenatin' in the days leading up to the Oaks and Derby and hopefully we can make some sense out of the nonsensical trail we've witnessed so far.

Here's a look from the slop at Finger Lakes:

Joseph's Mia taking the 6th at the Finger.

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