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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Transparent Tuesday

It's one of those shotgun days when I'm all over the park....

- Wondering whatever happened to Morganna the Kissing Bandit? Couldn't you see her invade the winner's circle and lay one on the Toddster for some cheap press?

- Return trip #3 to the Springs is set for Friday morning. We'll have the Space Gal on board so a record setting performance is highly unlikely. I pulled a 4:02 two weeks ago when a last minute detour around track traffic down West Ave. spelled doom for a sub 4 hour trip. I'm convinced you need the perfect storm to get 'er done.

- The Saratoga Resident made a surprise visit to see his godson the Space Kid (not really as he had business in the B-Lo), and spent the night in the Space Station (sorry about the bunk beds). He has been a long time critic of my wanting the stewards to explain rulings and disqualifications. Saturday, I received an email after the final race wherein the 31-1 longshot A Word to the Wise was taken down to 4th by said stewards, thus wrecking his potential big tri (31-1 over 5-1 over 2-1). The email I received immediately following was as such: "Changed my mind: Stewards should explain their rulings." I knew he'd eventually see it my way.

- The Toga Party contest is heating up. The jockey race has been a see-saw tilt between Dominguez (Colin's Ghost, SaratogaSpa and I) and Garcia (4 contestants), with A-Garcia with the lead by 2 going into week #5. Linda Rice (nobody picked her) leads Pletcher (5 contestants) by two wins in the trainer race. Four more valuable points are up for grabs on Saturday via the Travers winner, Travers attendance, Travers trifecta and King's Bishop winner. Last weekend's point grabbers were BV and the SpaceBro accurately prognosticating Careless Jewel's win in the Alabama. Congrats.

- I had one of those handicapping moments on Sunday. One that you read about in the handicapping books. Except that I didn't cash a life-changing ticket. But I feel pretty good about seeing it. Problem is, it appears that I wasn't the only one. Silver City Dreams (10-1 ML) was running in a 5 1/2 furlong $44K MdnSpWt in the finale at SAR. Her running line in her lone start was as follows:

PP: 1; ST: 7; 1C: 7 (31 lengths); 2c: 7 (23 lengths); Str: 7 (15 lengths); Fin: 4 (8 1/4 lengths)

The comment line read: Broke in air; willingly. I was thinking, man this filly made up 23 lengths in her 5 1/2f debut, she could be totally dismissed. Unfortunately there were a bunch of scratches and she sunk down to 9-2. With Tzeonn Chang (who?) aboard she "finished well to best the others" coming across the wire just behind the winner, Shot Gun Gal. Put that one in the watch list folks for next go-round.

- With two weeks to go in the Monmouth Survival at the Shore contest I sit in 30th place of the 149 remaining contestants (4,288 entries). I am devoid of any life preservers, but it's go big or go home time. I sit $120 out of 3rd place and $178 out of the top spot. My strategy is to make one safe play and two bomb plays a day until I drown. At this point, finishing out of the top three means nothing and I'm happy that I've survived this long.

- Obviously NY Stables (see Mother Russia post) had another winner yesterday as I was alerted by an excited email in my inbox from one of the owners. The Hook and Ladder filly Hook Me Up (another Linda Rice win) beat nine colts in the 6th race (off the turf) at Saratoga. Look for ONY's Canadian Ballet in the entries this weekend.

- Bona Venture Stables is hoping It's the Big Cat rebounds in his second race, hopefully on the turf in a route on Sunday. Watch the entries for that one.

- How ridiculously good is the field for the King's Bishop on Saturday?

- The Bills are 30-1 in Vegas to win the Super Bowl. I think I'll stick with racing.

- Hope to see you at the Spa on Friday!


Keith - Triple Dead Heat said...

King's Bishop field looking stellar!

Re: Morganna. I once played on a very fun baseball team that was big into practical jokes...I researched and i think it was $5K for an appearance from the bandit. As an alternative, we used our star CF's extremely talented girlfriend to make the appearance.

Thanks for the watch list tip!

SaratogaSpa said...

Check your notes Geno, I am on Dominquez too, plus I have him (as do you) in the jockey earnings tie breaker which Dominquez currently leads... I have a feeling will come this tie breaker will come into play.

Gene Kershner said...

Robert: I left you out just to make sure you were reading me...haha. Duly noted and corrected!

Glenn Craven said...

I certainly recall Morganna's huge ... smooch of George Brett, back when I was a kid and a big Royals fan.

When she was still around making appearances, somebody should've made a Morganna the Kissing Bandit bobble-head (or bobble-something) doll as a promo.


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