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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bird Poop

It's a sign. No, I'm not describing the picture to the left. I'm talking about the bird poop that landed on my left shoulder today during my afternoon walk with the Space Kid and my trusty dog, Tanner Jones. I remember reading somewhere (Simmons maybe?) that you'll come into good luck if a bird poops on you. I'm taking it to a different level as I don't know the specie of bird that did his thing on me. But it might mean....

Summer Bird is the word for the Travers. I liked the way he ran in the Haskell, changing tactics by staying close to the pace in order to stay up with whatshername. The mile and a quarter could be just the right distance for the other Bird to romp home and overtake Kensei and Quality Road in the stretch. With the weather being attendance number in the low 40s wouldn't be out of the question.

The King's Bishop looks like a monster race. I'm hitching my wagon to Captain Candyman Can at 7 furlongs. Big Drama and Munnings both loom large, but I'm looking for the Captain to steal one here. How's that for expert analysis.

Looking forward to the Baruch tomorrow. Justenuffhumor and Cowboy Cal will duel. I think I played against Baruch College back in my college hoop days, think we whipped their arses too. Maybe tomorrow will be a lucky day after all...

Speaking of unlucky, my pal, Double-G, missed the Del Mar P6 ($17K) by one horse today who lost by a nose (in the third leg). Now that's a tough beat.

Have a great weekend and see ya at the Spa!


John said...

Unless the bird poops directly on your head, it's not good luck. Some fecal material must seep into your brain for any beneficial effects; believe me I know!

Funny one, Geno

Bird Removal New Jersey said...

Bird poop is my worst nightmare.


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