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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Falling Down?

So I've been sitting on the sidelines watching and reading various blogs, articles and comments over the past few weeks, soaking in everything that's been written and said about horse racing and its perceived problems. I'm not as committed to the sport, nor am I emotionally tied to the game in any way. I'm certainly not as invested as those who actually draw a paycheck that feeds a family and whatnot, so I've been cautious in speaking out too much about recent events.

Don't get me wrong, I love the sport and the intellectual challenge that handicapping presents and I love attending and covering the big events, but if the sport went away tomorrow (and it won't), I'd probably return to being the fanatical sports fan that I was before jumping into this game with both feet.

Most topics have been beaten to death so I won't bore you with a 3,000 word diatribe on why the NY Times is full of crap or why HBO's decision makers are a bunch of [insert expletive here] for canceling Luck, but I will provide some brief thoughts on several fronts.

Luck. While I was starting to get into the show, and several of my non-racing brethren would mention to me that they were enjoying the series (even though most said the lingo was hard to follow), I'm not so sure it was the home run series that some racing enthusiasts were making it out to be. Guess we'll never know. I'm still not sure why a decision had to be made so quickly. Too bad, so sad.

NY Times A1 Article. A wise man once told me "never pick a fight with those who buy ink by the barrel." Page 1 stories sell papers and the message already has reached the Times' massive circulation.
Action Steps? By Who?? "The industry needs to take action" seems to be the standard answer or retort I read or hear on the radio. So who is "the industry?" The NTRA (chuckle)? The Jockey Club (haha)? The horsemen? The owners? The regulators? The answer probably is a collective all of the above, but you know the chances of all of those factions getting together and working on a solution are somewhere between slim and none. I guess the industry's leaders will figure it out. Maybe they will hire some consultants.

Finally, perhaps all this noise will just fade away like it did after the last set of Congressional hearings when we (using "we" very liberally here) pranced out the Safety Alliance (golf clap) and promised reform.

What can racing fans do? Keep supporting the sport by wagering and going to the track. You can join ThoroFan (the voice of the Fan). You can write to your regulators and urge them to ban the cheaters and enforce the rules. You can try and stay positive and just enjoy the entertainment, because face it, for fans that's what it's all about.

On the lighter side....

I'm hoping this weekend's preps come up chalky in order to set up a great Derby in Louisville. It would be great if all of the top 5 or 6 horse continue to move forward. If there's going to be an upset this weekend I think it'll happen in the La. Derby (thinking Cigar Street), although I was one of only a few that picked Mark Valeski to win the Risen Star, who just missed by a nose.

The Space Kid is starting to speak in the third person, should I be worried?

My fifth anniversary is coming up and represents the "wood" anniversary, thus the gift should be something to do with wood. No brainer......Wood Memorial?

Heading to the Wehrle OTB on Saturday for Florida Derby Day with some of the boys...stop by if you're in the BUF and we'll crank a bucket of beers (3 for $5) or two and play the races. I guarantee no one will be reading the Times.

1 Comment:

The Turk said...

"Speaking in the third person is perfectly natural" The Turk

I never invested myself into Luck. It was exciting how much promise it represented and how damaging it's demise now offers.


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