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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eyebrow Raisers

Since I last checked in I've come across a couple eyebrow raisers that have peaked my interest.

The first one is a link from, of all places, a Buffalo Business First article that one of my tax partners forwarded me about a Toronto restaurant serving horsemeat and duck confit and calling it...wait for it....Quack 'n' Track. Really? I mean they can serve whatever they want, but it seems that the title of the dish is a bit over the top, no?

Here's a link to the Buffalo story and the Toronto Star article, complete with a picture. Man, I'm still scratching my head on the name of that dish. Do people have no sensabilities about them?

Next up is something that the Saratoga Resident passed my way about Governor Cuomo's proposed budget item that merges the NYS Lottery Division with the NYS Racing & Wagering Board (RWB). They do occupy the same building in Schenectady, so the consolidation of offices shouldn't be a big deal and I'm sure there is some duplication of work that can be eliminated.  I interviewed the RWB's Chairman Sabini last summer at Saratoga for The News, and I'm not sure he saw this one coming.

Here's the excerpt from the Governor's proposed budget:

"Merge the Division of the Lottery and the Racing and Wagering Board to provide a single entity for the overall coordination of gaming policy and regulation in New York State. The gaming industries constitute a vital sector of New York State’s overall economy, and their continued growth will contribute to economic development and job creation in this State. Gaming options both in and out of New York have expanded exponentially, but regulation of this sector remains mired in the 1960s."

The Assemblyman in charge of the State's racing committee tells the Saratogian that he supports the merger which would potentially create three separate divisions within the new agency. As the regulator for racing in NYS, you wonder if the larger money generating divisions will place racing further behind on the priority scale than they already are. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.

Space Tidbits

As far as what's been going on in my world, I'm an active pollster in the 3rd annual Wireplayers Derby Dozen poll which was released on Wednesday. I'm always happy when the proprietors use my commentary and I scored a couple comments in this year's initial poll. I was very excited to be invited back to contribute this year. The polls will be released every three weeks leading up to the Derby.

I had an article published in The News last weekend on the start of the Derby trail with some facts and figures on some of the key Derby preps...check it out here.

This Friday's online Post Time column was focused on the Grade 3 Withers at Aqueduct and Grade 2 Lewis at Santa Anita, both of which should generate some solid Derby contenders by the end of today.

Rooting for the Giants in the big game this weekend, the numbers 8 and 4 (if you know what I mean), and Andre Reed getting into the HOF. Really rooting for the numbers, though.  Have a Super weekend.

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SpaceBro said...

Kev approves your rooting interest in the SB. His dad is rooting for 7NYG and 5NE.


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