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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Captain Obvious goes in San Vicente

Ok, so I really don't have a serious handicapping post for today, just this really funny picture that I've been saving up for the Derby trail debut of one, Captain Obvious.

He runs in the San Vicente tomorrow afternoon at Santa Anita against more highly regarded colts like Creative Cause and Drill, but that doesn't mean he's not the obvious long shot selection in here, does it?

For a serious look at the race check out Paul Mazur's handicap of the race for ThoroFan on the weekly Handicappers' Corner post.

In the "there's a goat in my timeline" department, it looks like there's a new horseplayer/fan site that's emerged (from the farm?) with the clever moniker of Goatzapper.  Looks like it'll be a fun site to visit and they were kind enough to feature my last post that casually mentioned Chantal Sutherland's tweeting habits. Appears that CRT has entered the lexicon for some of us and we can have some fun with it, although her ART (average RT per day) seems to be coming down since the post.

My weekly online column in The Buffalo News featured a few races from the weekend and the fact that the first online NHC qualifier is this weekend. Spent some time looking at the races last night. I spoke with a fellow Buffalonian (and beancounter!) who participated in the NHC at Treasure Island and he shared some great thoughts about the tournament as a whole. After a slow start he just started gunning for cap horses and eventually a couple of bad beats led to his demise. I've definitely taken a different approach to the online contests over the past few months, we'll see if the new strategy of looking for the big hits in any race where there's no obvious winner, makes a difference. I've decided not to worry about where I finish, if you're not in the top five, you may as well come in last.

Have a great weekend.



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