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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Charismatic on ESPN Films Schedule - October 18

Looks like the Charismatic documentary is a go. I'm not sure how I missed this, but back at the end of July, ESPN Films released their schedule for a number of new films (7) that will be released this fall.

Originally scheduled as part of the "30 for 30" series, various issues postponed and ultimately moved if off of the schedule. I emailed the 30 for 30 folks last October and reported their reply in my "What Happened?" post that the documentary would be a future ESPN Films production, so what do you know.

The Steve Michaels documentary is scheduled for Tuesday, November 1 [Update: Changed to October 18] at 8 p.m!  The film summary as listed at the ESPN site is as follows:

"In June of 1999 an unlikely colt named Charismatic, with down and out jockey Chris Antley aboard, headed down the stretch at the Belmont Stakes, just seconds away from becoming the first Triple Crown winner in nearly 21 years. Thoroughbred racing was desperate for this story of deliverance as track attendance was in steep decline. Into this void stepped Charismatic and Antley, both thought to be lost causes. Together, they became the biggest long shots in 59 years to win the Kentucky Derby, and then followed up with another underdog win at the Preakness, before tragedy struck."



Kate Hunter said...

Hey you know I just got back from a visit with Charismatic right? He is looking fantastic here in Japan. Finally getting some good runners too.

His leg is in such good shape he can gallop under a rider again.

mca said...

I have been waiting on this for a very long time. Thanks!


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