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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Across The Board

Happy Father's Day to all of the horse racing dads out there. I hope your day was as good as mine. P.S. Thanks Dad for teaching me that bank shot all those years ago (and how to be a good dad!).

Laid off horse racing this weekend, other than the occasional peek at the results or twitter to see who was winning the big races. Capped the Churchill Foster card for this weekend's Equibase tournament and let's just say I'm glad I wasn't betting.

I wish the NYRA Pick-6 wager wasn't in $2 increments. I think it takes a lot of folks out of the game. Our syndicate pooled $650 for Belmont's $1.3M carryover and it was a competitive ticket (4 of 6 -- no one had the bomb and our last toss was the winner in the second leg). But it is just too difficult to hit with a smaller bankroll. Trying to get the syndicate on the same page isn't always easy, although we were pretty much on the same page on Wednesday. We had a nice lunch out at Buffalo Raceway before placing our bets.

Heading up north this week for the Queen's Plate post position draw to write an advance for Saturday's News. Looking forward to seeing the new Media Coordinator, Thoroughbred Racing for the Woodbine Entertainment Group and covering the first leg of Canada's Triple Crown.

Speaking of Pick-6s, I still haven't tried the Monmouth Place Pick Six wager yet. I've always been a fan of NYRA's Grand Slam wager, this has the same kind of feeling to it. Not sure why I haven't paid much attention to MTH yet, although forgetting to make my Survival at the Shore selections two days into the contest could be a big reason. Doh.

Solidified my Saratoga calendar with the Saratoga Resident, looks like three trips into the Spa City, including opening day, after missing my first in five years last year. Always time to start another streak.

Fort Erie unveiled a new Tiki Bar and lowered takeout on the Win-4 wager from 26.2 to 14 percent. Nice and Double Nice.

Interesting post by Val over at the Foolish Pleasure blog about the downward spiral of the Cali and NY Derby prep races. I tend to agree with her analysis. Although it appears the Derby will be coming through Turfway now that they broke the synthetic maiden at Churchill.

It's good to hear Gourmet Dinner is on the comeback trail. I hope he makes it in the gate for the Travers. There's something about Delta Jackpot winners that grabs my fancy.

Degenerate gambling memory of the week: Sitting in the Niagara Falls OTB in between co-worker's wedding ceremony and reception (all suited up) hitting the tri on the 2005 Mother Goose. Definitely would have won Best Dressed. Space Gal >>> not amused.

I wonder if Belmont Park has a shot at the 2012 Breeders' Cup?

Other sports thoughts: 1) NBA - Happy for Dallas (did someone from Buffalo actually just write that?). 2) NHL - Kinda feel sad for Canadians, probably best chance in a long time to win the Cup, which will make a Buffalo appearance as Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs resides in the Queen City. 3) US Open - Can we let the kid (McIlroy) enjoy this one before anointing him as the next coming? He's good, but to play consistently over the next three decades will be the measuring stick. That sport is salivating over another star as ratings have suffered without TW on the weekend leaderboard. They'd love a decent rivalry as much as our sport would.

Ok, we've been across the board....back later in the week.



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