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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rolling Along

So while Lady Gaga rolled into town last night, I was enjoying a nice relaxing story at Barnes & Noble where Clifford the Big Red Dog made a special appearance. Needless to say, the Space Kid was beside himself. Priceless stuff.

So next up for him is the Sesame Street Live show that the Space Gal will be taking him to tomorrow afternoon, which leaves me and the Space Filly alone to tackle the NHC Tour online tournament.

We'll attempt to live blog the action through the action in between bottles and diapers...should be some good laughs. So check back tomorrow and see how we're coping in the Space Station and whether my new little good luck charm can add to the fun. I will say that as much as I criticize the NTRA on this site, they did make a good move in lowering the NHC tour buy-in to $45 this year. It enticed me to join and play the online tournaments and maybe jump into the higher buy-in tourneys once busy season is over. The good side of the ledger has at least one lonely check mark.

I did the live contest blog back in November on Delta Jackpot day and had some fun with it, so we'll give it another shot. The contest races are from Fair Grounds, Sam Houston and Oaklawn, 3 tracks I do not play often and Gulfstream Park. So basically it will be a good exercise in crash and burn tactics or watching a train wreck for those tuning in from home.

I did have some time this week to analyze the Gotham Stakes for The Buffalo News, take a peak at who I think will emerge from the Big Apple and an interesting longshot possibility.

Volume III of the Derby Dozen was issued earlier in the week and the list was shaken up quite a bit with the loss of To Honor and Serve and wins by Mucho Macho Man and Soldat since the last poll was out. The comments are very funny and add some spice as its not your ordinary, everyone-has-one type of Derby poll.

Back in sixty seconds....(not really, but I'll be back tomorrow with the live contest blog).

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Ernie said...

Have the Goo Goo Dolls ever opened for Lady Gaga? Built-in advertising


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