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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Favorite Sports Day

By far this is my favorite sports day of the year and office productivity all over the country will be at an all time low!

I'll relink to one of my favorite columns ever written - Happy Cooler Day by former writer and San-Francisco based Brian Murphy. It's a good read, although it's a tad dated.
In 2009, I questioned my reader(s) whether or not this could be considered the best sports day of the year and received a gamut of suggestions including the following:
- Kentucky Derby Day
- Breeders' Cup Saturday
- Sunday at the Masters
- First Saturday in June (Belmont, Stanley Cup, French Open)
- Ryder Cup Sunday
- Opening Day (baseball, football, college football)
- Super Bowl Sunday
- British Open Sunday Morning
I'm still partial to the Bills opener and the big racing days (I do get pretty excited about Belmont Day and continuing my streak), but as a former college hooper the tournament still ranks at #1 for me. There's nothing like being at a Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals either, that's an electric not easily described.
For you hoop fans reading, there's a cool free iPad/iPhone app - NCAA March Madness on Demand that will be streaming every tourney game so you won't miss any of the action. I checked it out the other night and it's super cool and you can put your own bracket picks right into the app.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Have a green beer on me!

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The_Knight_Sky said...

I sure this was going to be about...

Black Eyed Susan Dey .

Consider me disappointed. :P


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