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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Going Postal

We've been getting a number of inquiries here in the Space Lab and instead of hogging the blog page all to myself, I thought I'd share some of the stuff (racing related, potpourri and hodgepodge) I've been asked. We'll protect the names of those asking the questions as a matter of privacy (or maybe not)....

So here goes the first edition of the Space Bag.....

Q: So I hear you were trending on Twitter yesterday, what gives? ~Dylan from the 19th hole somewhere in New England.

A: Ho ho ho...that wasn't me...that was my Uncle Irv. He just happened to produce some movie named the Empire Strikes Back. RIP.

Q: So Top Chef All-Stars starts tonight and I hear your gambling pool is back in vogue. Who do you like? ~Culinary Pirate from Tampa, FL

A: Oh, I have TC gambling pool competitors who stalk this site trying to figure out who I like....and spoken like a true horseball...although if you really need to know I'm leaning towards Fabio, Angelo or Richard...any of which could easily have won their respective seasons without choking in the finale.

Q: So who do you like for Horse of the Year? ~Seth from Paris, Kentucky

A: Seth-Seth-Seth. Can you Blame me for taking a pass on this one?

Q: Did Stevie Johnson really Blame God?? ~Frank from Silver Spring, Maryland

A: Speaking of passes, I think the Almighty will give the immature Johnson one. Unfortunately, he'll probably drop it.

Q: So what's the new name for the newest addition to the Space Station? ~Steve from Virginia.

A: After much debate and a super majority vote from the Space Gal...we're going with an entry received from and drumroll please.........welcome the Space Filly.

Q: Chances the NYC OTB shuts down on Friday? ~Saratoga Resident from Buffalo, NY

A: Somewhere south of 1%.

Q: What do you think of the new Paulick Report format? ~Brad from Lexington, Ky

A: TBA poll results seem to favor it. Change is good. Like the respect the bloggers get their own tab for "Best of Blogs."

Q: Your picks suck. You should hang it up. ~Hank from Bristol, CT

A: Pot meet kettle.

Q: Have you tried Four Loko? ~Chris from LA

A: How do you think this post came about?

Q: You realize what legacy you're gonna pass on to your kids, right? ~Ian from the Big Apple (in reference to being a Buffalo sports fan)

A: Speechless.

Q: Did the Space Gal deliver.......DURING THE CLARK????? ~Ernie from the Big A

A: Post parade of the Clark. Last five minutes of the Auburn-Alabama game.

This was fun, I may make this a more regular thing....keep those cards, letters and losing tickets coming my way...


Steve Munday said...

Loved the Q&A Geno; please bring it back every now and again!

Watched Top Chef all-stars last night & agree that Richard has a great shot. I'm pulling for Tre - looks like he means business. Really just wondering how Spike qualifies as an all-star - dude runs a burger joint in DC. He may not be long for the show.

Nice to know Hank is following the blog, but he needs to spend more studying the PPs ;)

EquiSpace said...

Steve: Yeah this may be a quarterly blog is all over the place...kinda like me...LOL.

After watching week one...I think Angelo and Tiffani are going to be my backups to Richard. I've dulled on Fabio (and it seems so have the judges, especially Bourdain).

Thanks for reading!!

Ernie said...


Go get'em, Geno!


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