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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Hunch Plays

So I'm sitting in a hospital birthing room with the Space Gal awaiting the arrival of our daughter (to be named later) and she's about to be induced in an hour or so. She's resting now so I figured I'd test out the Blogger posting by email function...bear with me if it's not in the normal fashion.

It's quite comical that she's having a girl on Black Friday...I can see exactly how this is going to go in her formidable years as this is one of the Space Gal's favorite days of the year. I wanted to do a live blog, but that idea was quickly know how those posts can drag out! I'll spare ya from that...and TMI.

So now you know why it's been a little quiet around the blog. I did have a major score at the hospital gift shop's used book sale nabbing a Dick Francis hardcover copy of Longshot for $2...major score! With all the waiting this book will come in handy today. Tomorrow I'll have a preview of the Cigar Mile for The Buffalo News Sports, Ink blog...looking for Friend or Foe to run a big one.

So while I was perusing today's entries..I decided Finger Lakes had the best hunch plays for the Space Gal and I today!

Race 1 - #4 Mommy's Dearest
Race 2 - #6 Top Lass
Race 5 - #3 Personal Spender (Black Friday!)
Race 8 - #2 Every Little Thing
Race 9 - #6 Wonderous Day

I hope all my racing family/friends had a great Thanksgiving and if you have a moment today say a prayer for the Space Gal and I....and if you have any thoughts for the little gal's pseudo blog name I'm all ears...


Anonymous said...

I wish the hospitals around here sold Dick Francis books. All they sell for reading material is women's magazines and the occasional Sports Illustrated.

All the best on a safe delivery and healthy returns from the hospital and the windows.

SaratogaSpa said...

Prayers Tot!

Steve Munday said...

How 'bout Space Filly?

Will be praying that all goes well today.

Btw, it's never too early to start an education, so mix in some Beyer and Crist with the Dr Seuss.

Susan said...

Wishing All the Best to you and the whole Space Family!

dana said...

Congrats to you and the Space Gal! (and I hope she wins this year's HRF Road to the Roses League!).

How about Diana as in the Diana Stakes that used to be run on opening weekend at SAR, since I know you're a fan of opening weekend too (even if the new config isn't as good). I was gonna say Saratoga, but that seems like a tougher sell. :)

tencentcielo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tencentcielo said...

Good luck with the arrival of your little "Space Cadette"!

Ernie said...

MUCH respect for managing to keep your head in both games.

GOOOOO Lil' Space!

EquiSpace said...

Thanks all for the well wishes...bouncing baby girl arrived via Caesarian Section around 5:20pm (post parade of the Clark)... 7lb 14oz...21.5 inches...could be my hoopster.

Heading down the stretch I'd say Space Cadette and Space Filly are neck and neck...stay tuned.


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