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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tens to Think About

Ten is my favorite number. I wore it in high school, college and the Accountants' Softball League. So naturally today was a big day for me (10/10/10). Unfortunately, my Bills bit the dust in the second half so it wasn't such a great day for the ole' hometown h(z)eroes. So a month away from the Breeders' Cup, I've come up with 10 questions I have been wondering about the big weekend at Churchill Downs.

10. What race will Gio Ponti go in? As an omnisurface star, will he take on Zenyatta again on the dirt in the $5M Classic or face two time (Turf) Mile champ Goldikova? Neither seems too inviting to me.

9. Will I recognize any horse that runs in the Marathon? You probably can answer that one.

8. How many bombs will win at Churchill? 3? 4? You know it's going to happen. It does every year. The question is can you find the needle in the haystack. Get to work early on the advance PP's.

7. If it rains, and the track comes up muddy or sloppy, will Zenyatta scratch? And if she does, will it dash her Horse of the Year chances? I hope it's sunny, this would be a horrible thing. Plus I can't deal with what the next two months on Twitter will be like.

6. Does Lookin at Lucky have what it takes to win the Classic? I say yes. His BC Juvie is still a race I play over and over in my mind....he wins that race 9 times out of 10. I can bet that Baffert wants another crack at Churchill Downs with Lucky not being on the rail.

5. Is the Ladies Classic shaping up as one of the better Cup races over the entire weekend? Blind Luck vs. Havre de Grace III IV not to mention Life at Ten (gotta love the 10s) and Unrivaled Belle.

4. Will Hammerin' Hank have any dough left in his Piggy Bank? Dude was shaking like a leaf on camera on ESPN2 today. I miss Jimmy the Greek and Pete Axthelm.

3. Saturday attendance - over 75,000? 2006- 75,132; 2000 - 76,043; 1998 - 80,452 and 1994 - 62.597. I'm going with the over.

2. Will the Arc winner Workforce and/or race favorites Fame and Glory ship over the pond? Hope so.

1. Can Quality Road win the Classic? Randy Moss said on the ESPN broadcast today that he doesn't think the distance is an issue for QR.

Whaddya think?

Hat tip to Val at Foolish Pleasure to get me to add this photo:


tencentcielo said...

There's an Accountants' Softball League? Ooooh. :-)

Gio probably goes in the BC Mile, which Miesque's Approval won from post TEN the last time the Breeders' Cup was run at Churchill. He was a bomb, paying $50.60.

Lucky has no chance against and will be lucky to beat 10 horses in the field. (i.e. Hit the board in a 13 horse field).

I have been saying for what seems like ten years that Life At Ten was your BC Ladies Classic winner. (and its BL vs. HdG IV, not III)

You can't have a 10 list on 10/10/10 without an appearance by TENcentcielo. (LOL)

Valerie Grash said...

Come on, Geno! I knew we'd get a 10/10/10 post from you, but was banking on a pic of Bo Derek as a lead-off, such as:

If Gio Ponti takes on Goldikova, he loses. If he takes on Zenyatta, he loses. Maybe a quick surgery to lose his manhood, and the "Ladies" Classic is his :-)

A muddy track will be worst-case scenerio for Zenyatta, and probably why she'll be cross-entered in the Distaff, for sure.

Lookin At Lucky? No way! Quality Road--yawn! Honestly, the Classic horses just bore me. Give me Blind Luck and Havre de Grace any day! If for some reason Zenyatta doesn't go in the Classic 'cause the track is muddy, I'm thinking it's the year for a major upset.

SaratogaSpa said...

Gio goes in the BC mile..and loses to Goldikova.

Have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Tencentcielo and Val--if there is one horse I see beating Queen Z in the BC Classic it is Lookin at Lucky

Steve Munday said...

Hey Geno,
Lucky has a small chance to win, but likely hit the board to round out the exacta or trifecta. He's super consistent.

Gio is horrible at 12 furlongs which is why they tried the Classic at 10 furlongs on synth last year. With the Classic on dirt, the BC Mile seems like the best fit. Looked great in the Shadwell and will give Goldikova a run for the money. The mile should be an exciting race, as always.

Been a while since i've seen that pic; thanks for the memories!

The_Knight_Sky said...

Hmmm. A pic of Mary Cathleen Collins? Can't possibly give a 10 to any CHRB member at this point.

If there was a sound track for this post... I would have recommended Ted Nugent's Intensities in 10 Cities.

Rock on.

EquiSpace said...

10cent: Position?
Love that my man 10cent commented on my 10s post.

Val: Thanks for the pic. :) The Hugh Hefner Handicap (LC) is shaping up to be the race of the weekend!

Robert: Thanks for chiming in.

Steve: Thank Val, she hooked me up! Appreciate your thoughts on Lucky.

TKS: Almost took down your exacta contest this weekend, have to hat tip 10cent once again. At least it was a fellow accountant (to be).

As always, thanks all for reading.

Brian Appleton said...

Gio Ponti will probably head to the Breeders' Cup Mile but I don't think Goldikova is going to lose.

Lookin At Lucky could easily win the Classic, I think he is the best male dirt horse running this year. I'm not sure if he can beat Zenyatta but I think he's capable of pulling it off.
I don't think Zenyatta will scratch if it comes up wet, the stakes will be too high.

tencentcielo said...


I don't have much of arm but I do have a good reaction time. Probably first or second base would fit.


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