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Friday, October 29, 2010

Start Spreading The News...

It's been quite a week at the Space Station as a number of things had my attention this week, the most exciting being my new side gig at The Buffalo News. I guess you couldn't ask for a better present yesterday, when I celebrated the 25th anniversary of my 22nd birthday. I'm looking forward to this opportunity, mainly because of the people I will be fortunate enough to encounter in this role. Another positive angle will be ramping up on the harness game, which is very prevalent in the Western New York area with Buffalo Raceway right in our backyard and Batavia Downs a half hour down the Thruway. My next article should be in next Friday's print edition with a Breeders' Cup preview. Thanks to all of you who have supported me over the last two and a half years (especially the Space Gal who is a saint in her own right).

Over at ThoroFan, I was asked to write an article on my Most Memorable Breeders' Cup Race, but instead I enlisted a number of my blogger pals (Alan H from The Bug Boys, Susan from A Saturday Afternoon Horse, Steve from Wireplayers and Patrick from Handride), Ernie "E Train" Munick of BC360 and TRNY fame and Dylan J, a frequent Wireplayers contributor to help me with the post. I'd like to publicly thank all of them for the effort and the time that each one of them put into the post. What is your most memorable BC race?

I did receive another email regarding the 30 for 30 Charismatic documentary, which said that it would no longer be a part of that series, but rather a future ESPN Films production. The mystery as to the delays and removal from 30 for 30 schedule still have me scratching my head.

Time to get back to those voluminous BC past performances....


Keith-TripleDeadHeat said...

Congrats Gene!!

A well-deserved step for someone who is so passionate about the game. I'll look forward to your posts and hope that part of the gig includes regular stories from Fort Erie!!



dana said...

Indeed, congrats! Which feed are you in? I thought perhaps Other Sports Columns but you're not in there.

EquiSpace said...

Thanks Keith....yes both Woodbine and Ft Erie are in my we'll be spending some time together!

Thx Dana!

Steve Munday said...

Congrats Geno. Read your first article for the Buffalo News and it was outstanding work. Good luck with the BC handicapping.

The_Knight_Sky said...

Congratulations on your silver anniversary.

I celebrated a silver myself this year - the passing of the 2 dimes.

Any word on Nick Cammarano from those parts? His harness racing book was one of the very first I have ever read. It's "ancient" now but it was a good primer for a beginning player at The Meadowlands. Harness books were that difficult to find and they still are.

EquiSpace said...

Steve: Thanks for the kind words!

TKS: Happy belated Birthday to you! Thanks for the tip on the book...will need to read up on it.

Book was published in's the link:

Thanks to both of you for reading and commenting!


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