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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Penny For Your Thoughts

Wonder what everyone is thinking as we approach the Breeders' Cup in three weeks....I know you didn't ask, but this is what I've been thinking about....

- With inflation, wouldn't it cost a quarter now for your thoughts?
- Was really impressed by a 2yo firster yesterday at Belmont, Brethren, another star in the Pletcher barn with a loaded pedigree who came home in a very fast way (or as they say, he was motorin'). PS I'm told he's a 1/2 brother to Super Saver and you know what happened there last May.
- Win and You're In sucks. There, I said it. And by the way, Patrick from Handride has been pining for the gate selection for W&YI idea, which was on Bill Finley's recent list.
- I'm pretty excited for the long BC weekend and can even get a half day of work in on Filly Friday as first post isn't until after 4pm.
- Aren't we lucky that horses can't sext or drive drunk or carry handguns into nightclubs?
- Aren't these $0.50 Pick 3's and Pick 4's at Keeneland, the nuts? And we get more of the same at Churchill for the Cup races....yee haw.
- Why does it seem that everyone does their online handicapping tournaments all on the same weekend? Then there's no tournaments for 3 weeks? Seems kinda odd to me.
- How come my 22-1 never comes in when I have him/her in the last leg of my Pick 3? Today, El Bomba was starting to threaten the leaders romping down the middle of the track in the Keeneland nightcap and I thought I finally nailed one....but he faded to sixth. I'll keep trying.
- Congrats to the Turk for the huge hit at Woodbine on Saturday. Dude can handicap and if you aren't following his system, you're missing out.
- Did you know the stretch run on the Woodbine turf is 1,440 feet long? Since ESPN told me 10 times, I don't think I'll ever forget.
- Really hope that the BC comes back to Woodbine someday. That turf course is awesome and the facility could handle the crowd and Toronto is an international city. Of course, the weather would be the big black mark...
- Saw Secretariat (the movie) in Syracuse last weekend, the crowd resembled more of a Wednesday afternoon in January at Aqueduct (empty and quiet). My review of the movie: it was ok.
- Speaking of Secretariat, I won two tickets to a Glenn Miller Orchestra concert in a radio station contest by answering a question about Big Red (I was caller #5 in case you were wondering). I'm actually two for two lifetime in radio contest call in contests. 17 to go to beat Zenyatta....and on that note...


tencentcielo said...

I believe that inflation causes money to double in value every 20 years, so techinically it would be worth about a dime since that phrase came into existance. :-)

(that's a total lie, but I couldn;t resist one more "10" joke.

Even though I am a player with a miniscule bankroll, I don't like .50 pick 3's. Couldn;t give you a firm reason why, but maybe it just takes too much of the value out of it for my liking.

The_Knight_Sky said...

I'm surprised you didn't go with this oldies tune:

That's the way it began,
We were hand in hand.
Glenn Miller's Band
Was better than before.
We yelled and screamed for more

And the Porter tunes, (Night and Day)
Made us dance across the room
It ended all too soon
And on the way back home
I promised you'd never be alone

Steve Munday said...

Hey Geno, I saw "Secretariat" last weekend and my review is similar to yours: "it was ok." I couldn't get past the many inaccuracies, but my wife liked the movie. Her summation: it captured the powerful relationship between people and race horses. So even if the details are fudged, it accurately portrayed that quintessential & enduring truth.

All I know is that even though Secretariat is arguably the greatest race horse of all time, he lost in the box office to a movie about a bunch of guys getting kicked in the nuts.


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