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Monday, July 19, 2010

I Wanna Be Your Superhero...

As I was having some dinner last summer at Max London's on Broadway in Saratoga Springs with the Saratoga Resident, we struck up a conversation with the gentleman next to us. We found out soon enough that he was one of the five owners of the Saratoga institution, Siro's Restaurant. He hailed from NYC and was enjoying a nice meal on the town, away from the bustle of Siro's. We made a few offers for the restaurant, but we couldn't quite seem to meet his number. Unfortunately, it had a few more zeroes attached to what we were offering.

Well, it looks like the former owners finally made a deal based on the following article in the Saratogian (hat tip to reader Dan D) and the roster includes various celebrity ownership including the two Entourage stars shown above (Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillon) who play E and Johnny Drama, respectively on the HBO show.

Also included in the celebrity owner ranks are jockey Johnny V, Terry Finley of West Point Thoroughbreds and head designer from Calvin Klein to name a few. The managing partner triumverate includes Paul Carlucci, the publisher of the New York Post. Very interesting, indeed.

It'll be interesting during the meet, with the track keeping The Paddock Bar open after the races, to see if Siro's is affected by this. Looking forward to my first Siro's cocktail under new management....

NOTE: Don't forget to send me your Toga Party contest picks before Thursday! 4 days to go.


SaratogaSpa said...

the saratogian article is a cut and paste of the press release. Any word on the sales price? I know back in February of '09 they were asking 3.1 million for it.

EquiSpace said...

Robert: I would assume terms were "undisclosed." The timing is ironic as yesterday morning I was going through my business cards and ran across the gentlemen's card from Siro's.

See you next weekend.

Ernie said...

I got fired from my piano gig at Siro's years ago (as a backup for the wonderful Roger) because I couldn't do the Sinatra stuff. Blues and classic rock made things too noisy inside. That, and I kinda sucked.

My band did a good job out back.

I took up guitar after getting fired from that racetrack gig - it hurt real bad - so in a sense they did me a favor: guitar.

I have to write about this (again) one day

SaratogaSpa said...

Ernie-so glad you mentioned Roger. I hope the new owners keep him-when he starts playing the piano I quickly forget all my losing tickets at the track. Did not know your connection -would love to read the story!

Anonymous said...

Party Of Eight attends the races, having already made dinner reservations pm at Siro's.

Johnny V., one of the new owners, is on the fave in the last race.

Party Of Eight bets a wad to win on JV's horse.

JV loses by a nose.

Party Of Eight cancels dinner reservation.

“Mr. One-Eighth” - a still-irate member of the party - on the way home, bounces an empty beer can off the head of an unsuspecting Siro's bouncer outside the restaurant's front door.

Dan D said...

I like the fact that the new owners will stay open for the full city authorized 3 months of the year (through October) and presumably even more months upon requested city approval. Although celebrity owned places can be flashes in the pans (remember Jim Kelly's short lived downtown Buffalo bar in the early 90s?), this ownership group seems beyond the celebrity aspect, whom probably just own a small percentage anyway, and they have people that love horse racing, love Saratoga, and know how to make things happen. Exciting news!


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