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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Zenyatta Won’t Come East

With all due apologies to David Letterman…..

10. Doesn’t wear watch, trouble dealing with time zone change.

9. Figures Rachel will run in the Zenyatta Stakes if she comes east (just to spite her).

8. NYRA won’t print Go Zenyatta banners without government subsidy.

7. Moss doesn’t know Manny, can't get any love in the Turf Terrace.

6. Miffed there’s no Zenyatta giveaway day at the Spa.

5. Thinks detention barn is for the birds.

4. Can’t get a table at Siro’s.

3. Figures she’ll be there in a few years anyway (Hall of Fame Ceremony)

2. Has a Dodger autograph session scheduled on Woodward Day.

1. Prefers Kimmel to Letterman.


NJDerek said...

Thinks California Love is far superior to Empire State of Mind.

The_Knight_Sky said...

Who is this Manny, you speak of?

Brian Zipse said...

Straight fizzle my nizzle

Glimmerglass said...

Fearful Gov Patterson would impose an entertainment tax on Zenyatta's trademark saddling area shuffle.

Kevin said...


Ernie Munick said...

11. She'd kill our late P4 because I'd single Rachel and you'd wanna have my spleen for dinner.

Alysse said...

Psh, forget about Manny. I've got them covered.

EquiSpace said...

NJD: Right on bruh.

TKS: I hope to introduce you to him someday.

B: Whatever happened to Gizoogle.

GG:'re hired!

Ghost: thx

E: She def would....but I'd never ever dress down my man. You know I love ZenZilla just as much as RA.

Alysse: NYRA's fifty or yours? :)

Robert said...

Rachel and Jackson would then be able to grace west coast and Del Mar!


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