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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Space Tribute: Flag Day Edition

Old Glory was flying strong in Belmont's backyard last Saturday and I thought it would be apropos to recognize this holiday (technically, tomorrow is Flag Day in the USA) here in this tiny speck deep in the interwebs. With the US and A soccer team trying to capture the nation's fancy over the next month (and they're off to a darn good start), we should always remember those who have fought for our freedom and those who are currently overseas protecting that freedom.

I'm thinking of keeping a RIP list (yes, I think I will) of all of the horses that pass on to the big oval in the sky between Flag days. A new SpaceProject that we'll unveil next Flag Day weekend to honor and recognize those horses that have run for our enjoyment in the past who are no longer with us.
Honoring Old Glory always tugs at my heart. I love when the United Center (and before that venerable Chicago Stadium) rocks during the singing of the National Anthem. And who can forget Kate Smith rolling out a God Bless America (unfortunately, the fat lady sang this week for the Flyers). And who hasn't woken up during a nightly network station sign-off to hear that ole' Francis Scott Key tune as the last thing you hear for the day.

Betsy Ross, this Bud's for you.


malcer said...

Good US Soccer start indeed (the English once again inventive when it comes to self-destruction, but the US team definitely earned at least one point). Having just seen Algeria and Slovenia, Round 2 looks very likely.

Group C is facing Group D in the Round of 16, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

EquiSpace said...

Malcer, thanks for stopping by. Speaking of Group D, Germany sure looked good today. If we are fortunate enough to advance, that's one team I'd like to avoid. Good yuks in the London rags today...


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