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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Belmont Day in Pictures: Halloween in June

The only thing I took home (besides the Space Gal) yesterday was the nice red "Fly Emirates" cap that one of these young ladies gave me. We had a great time, but the gambling was Michael Meyers scary. A bloodbath of sorts. As Steve Crist said in his article today, chalk it up and move on. I'll share a few of the gory details: Live to five horses in the 5th race on a $15 early Pick 4 ticket, the 9 horse (also known as the $#%$ 9 horse Hoppsey) closed late on one of my five horses, Cherokee Speed and the table was set for a horror show of a betting day. The only ticket I cashed was a $5 place bet on Discreetly Mine in the Woody Stephens. Even Alan H's son scored more than I did yesterday (2 goals!). The late P4 where we went 3x3x3x4 had four straight seconds and no winners. Never, ever happened to me. Shell shock city. Oh well, we had fun all day nonetheless enjoying New York's big day and enjoying many different vantage points while sampling some BBQ and taking in some backyard funk.

As far as the big race goes, wouldn't have had the Nutcracker repair man if I re-read the PP's another hundred times. I really liked Fly Down and he ran a good race. I had my train tied to FD and Make Music for Me, who finished a non-threatening tenth. We were down at the finish line behind the ESPN camera guy. The Space Gal could have pinched his arse and screwed up a couple live national TV shots, but she thought better of it. Not the best way to make Sports Center.

Here's our day in pictures....

Rajeev on Tapaline who won the second race as my single in the early Pick 4. I also singled Trappe Shot, who was very impressive in the 4th and we should see this summer at the Spa (and hopefully in the Jim Dandy (my next planned big race weekend).

The goods.

Funk Filharmonic was funking up the backyard. We hung out here for some of the afternoon to catch a nice breeze that was blowing through the picnic area, some brews and some great music. I can report that some folks were having a really good time.

D'Funnybone crosses the wire in the Woody Stephens in front of Discreetly Mine (I cashed a ticket!!). This is always my favorite race of the day (outside of the Belmont).

Edgar on D'Funnybone in the winners' circle.

"Hey Babe, nice win...wanna bite of my pretzel?"

The HRTV gang was in the house....the Red Bulls were flowin'.....

Gotta give the World Wide Leader equal time on the Space blog....da da da da da da.

GoGo on Cherokee Queen in the paddock before the Just a Game Stakes where he finished fourth.

Proviso (GB) surges to win the Just a Game, just as the guy in front of me decides to do his rendition of YMCA.

Me: I like Top It on top.
Barber: Take a little off the top?
Me: Cut me, Mick.
Barber: I'm charging you extra.
Me: Don't you know who I am?
Barber: No.
Me: Ok, Take a little off the top, then.

The Call to Post for the Belmont!

"Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today......"

Oops....hopefully not coming back either...

And they're off in the Belmont Stakes!

That's a wrap on another triple crown series and it's on to summer racing and the Haskell, Travers and BC Classic for this unassuming group of three year olds....


The Turk said...

Great pics Geno, made me feel like I was there.

The_Knight_Sky said...

That's the still lovely Caton Bredar (not Donna Barton).

BTW blonde stewardesses on flights to Dubai? Absurd! :D

Amateurcapper said...


A tough day betting at the races is always better than a tough day betting at home.

At least you got to experience the day...that makes you a winner.

EquiSpace said...

Turk: Thanks, I see if you boxed your first four within your grading system you had the tri.

TKS: Correction noted and made - thanks for keeping me honest. Funny blonde comment.

AC: Rob, great call on Drosselmeyer, I totally missed it. The day was awesome and it was really fun to be there. If they could have turned the temp down 10-15 degrees it would have been perfect!

Ernie said...

Do you win for day if Fly Down wins?

EquiSpace said...

E: Close if he wins, if FD/FD exacta, we're def winners.

Scott Jagow said...

Geno, I was all about Fly Down myself. I don't know about you, but I thought Johnny V should've taken him outside earlier. He got stuck inside on the stretch, and by the time he got out it was too late! I thought he was the best horse in the Belmont.

That said, I can't believe you didn't have #(#$ Hoppsey!! I was all over him at 8-1. He had won four of his last five starts, trained by Asmussen, facing horses who had shown no inclination to win. It was a none-other-than race and all he had done was win! I wish we had been chatting. I would've tried to convince you to back him :)

All ribbing aside, I'd love to connect with you. Send me an email: I have a couple things to run by you, if you don't mind.


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