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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mt. Rushmore of Trainers?

If there was a Mt. Rushmore for current trainers, I think this is what it would look like (other than the lousy photoshop job). These four trainers, Baffert (2), Lukas (1), Zito (2) and Pletcher (4) have a combined 9 entries in the starting gates on Saturday....pretty scary.

In other blog related news, the final Derby Dozen has been posted along with selections for the projected caboose of the race. Check them out over here.

Pat Patten of the Handride blog is the TBA's featured handicapper this week over at ThoroFan and he takes a look at the Pick 3 into the Derby, be sure to check it out over at Handicapper's Corner.

You can check out the TBA and other bloggers' selections for the weekend races in a little contest we have going over at the TBA homepage.

A couple of my pals jumped the gun and gave me some picks for the Oaks so I'll post them here also....the first is from GG, hailing from Amherst, NY (he of the winning $133K 2005 Derby trifecta = so pay attention)'s who he likes tomorrow:

Geno, I am just going to do what I love the most and that is to handicap the races and post my plays. I am going to start with the Friday card and see how it ends. If I embarrass myself I will hide on Saturday. I am going to play the pick 4's from the 2nd and 4th. The one from the 2nd for 50 cents goes 1 7 9 11/3 6 10 12/6 8 11/4 11. This costs $48 and could pay pretty well. The one from the 4th - 7th looks a little chalky, but I really like it and have a play-down ticket to slam into. Pick 4 starting with Race 4 goes 6 8 11/4 11/4(Rachel)/6 7 9. My play down goes 8 11/4 11/4/9. This begins at 12:05pm so don't forget the early post. If I am on and Churchill has a carryover in the pick 6, I will then play this. It starts at 1:26pm in the 6th race and I love the fact that it starts with Rachel in the 6th, and ends with Blind Luck in the Oaks. To me this becomes a pick 4 with 2 singles on a big ticket and 3 singles on a smaller ticket. I will post both. SMALL 4/ 9/ 3 6 7/ 3 6 7/ 2 4 5 10/ 5. This is $72. A bigger play that I wouldnt play without partners would go 4/ 6 7 9/3 6 7/ 2 3 4 6 7/ 1 2 3 4 5 10/ 5. This is $540. Remember that on Derby day, there is way too much info, and I try to block it all out and go with my own opinion. It is an enjoyable day but there are far easier ways to make money doing this than betting a 20 horse field that almost anyone can win. Trust me, it is far more fun when you can play and make money. Geno's friend from Buffalo that you will hear more from if Oaks day goes well, GG.

GG's right hand man, Dr. No (long time blog follower) chimes in with his Oaks selection, tedious as it may be....

Here goes, in the Oaks, I like Tidal Pool, Amen Hallelujah and Blind Luck. T his race is harder for me than the Derby. I will use all three, probably more.

Next up, is Crazy Joe Davoli from ONY Stables in the Capital District......short and sweet:

Kentucky Oaks looks (no pun intended) like Blind Luck's race to lose at 6/5 and at those odds i'm getting lucky with Crisp from the always dangerous John Sadler barn at 7 to 1 and will root for Amen Hallelujah at 8 to 1 to grace the winner's circle.

Finally, JB, who wrote a few blog entries during Derby season last year keeps it short and sweet (his Derby selection is a tad longer).....

Oaks pick: Go to the window with the Dutrow horse.

We'll have some Derby thoughts from JB, Wack, the Puma, the Saratoga Resident, Jazzy Jeff, Dr. No, yours truly and of course, The Space Gal, before the weekend is stay tuned.


Valerie Grash said...

Damn, that's a lot of white hair! :-)

EquiSpace said...

Val, very funny. I see we are on the same horses from your post last night....fingers crossed.

The Turk said...

Love it!


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