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Wednesday, March 3, 2010 Derby Dozen, Volume IV

One of the things I really like about Steve Munday's Derby Dozen (editors note: I'm a participant so this is totally biased) is the use of the Roman Numeral for his bi-weekly Volumes. Now typically only Olympiads and Super Bowls are allowed to use this status, but I think it's cool that we have some roman numeraling going on in the horse game. On an aside for Super Bowl 40 I was an XL and for Super Bowl 50 I'm hoping to return to L status. The other interesting thing he does with his poll, that's a little different from the many other Derby Polls out there is he has some fun with each of the selections, allowing each of the ten participants to add a quote or comment on the horse (see below). In Volume I on January 20th, my comment on Eskendereya was "Named after a flirty Egyptian dance where you wear a bourka. I'm in." Sound familiar? My #12 horse this week was Fly Down, who won an allowance last week at Gulfstream, my comment: "XYZ". Stay tuned, he'll make the list someday.

So as we sit two weeks out from a Shamrock Shake and nearly eight weeks from Derby Day, here's Volume IV:

1 Comment:

Keith - TripleDeadHeat said...

Maybe Munday can partner the inflatable beaver up with Canadian hopeful Hotep rather than Dublin...IF Hotep steps up to the plate in the Louisiana Derby.


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