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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stalled, Never Left Gate exactly what my chart notes would be for the last few weeks. Why you ask? What possibly could have me distracted from the racing blog I've maintained for the past two years (well, almost 2 week). Well let me tell you why.....

- I'm running an NCAA Calcutta (complete with blog). A contest I run annually in which participants (same 8 squads for 12 straight years) select two teams per bracket in an auction bid draft night. Of course, I have never won said contest, but have always written a daily log of the results (we've moved from emails to blog). It's actually the reason I started the racing blog, as some of the guys enjoyed some of my banter about the teams, etc.

- Tax season is taking its toll. Three weeks to go. This year being my 25th busy season has been one of the hardest in recent memory. I thought it was supposed to get easier.

- I'm working on a double secret project (not really) with Thorofan, which we're hoping to roll out in the next week or so.

- My gamblers anonymous classes seem to be extending their meetings longer than usual (just kidding).

- I attended the NCAA first and second rounds which were held here in Buffalo last week. I experienced thorough enjoyment of the 'Cuse's play and the city's showing as throngs of hoops fans traipsed through our town. (Could also be the reason I'm behind at work). I also hosted my entire family from Syracuse who were up for the games and my daughter's birthday.

- The NTRA webcast came off smoothly (so they say) so no one to make fun of this week.

- I contributed to a 25 cent Pick 6 today that our group played for $36 at Beulah Park (I just contributed, no handicapping involved) and just checked the results. Knocked out in the second race. Though I find it cool that they have a quarter Pick 6 at Beulah. By the way, it paid about $2,100 beans.

- The Space Gal Stables is in 164th place in the Road to the Roses contest (out of 18,000 plus contestants). Lots of strutting here in the Space Station. I'm in about 4,000th place or something. She leads the HRF league and is in second in the TBA league. It could be a long spring.

Ok...hopefully we'll get out of the gate later this week...stay tuned. I'm usually better second time out.

1 Comment:

Ernie said...

Didn't know that about Beulah - cool

Taxing season...

I have my own GA stories (one day...)

Why handicap when you have the Space Gal!!!


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