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Monday, March 29, 2010

So What Did We Learn?

So what did we learn this weekend? Let's try and sort things out, shall we and maybe ask a few unanswered questions on the way?

1) The Toddster added another one in the gate in Louisville in Mission Impazible. Sooner or later the odds have to be with you, no? Or is this mission of his, truly impazible?

2) USA Network had a backup plan during their national broadcast of the Lane's End, too bad it didn't include Mike Battaglia.

3) This year's fourth place finisher in the Sunland Derby (Fog Alert) will not win the Kentucky Derby.

4) $10 million dollar races that end up in a three horse photo finish are EXCITING!

5) CBS and Duke have signed a three year pact for inclusion in the next 10 Final Fours.
6) Some Cat horse won the Lane's End. Yawn. Wake me when a Derby winner emerges from this prep. Wait...I can't sleep through the next decade....scratch that.
7) No filly has emerged to take a shot at the big dance. Will one come forward in the next few weeks? Last year this time, folks were talkin' about Stardom Bound, not some filly named Rachel somethingorother....
8) That I'm enjoying the weekly contests over at The Knight Sky Racing Blog. Of course, I don't follow directions and screw up the bets, but it's fun nonetheless.
9) IEAH still hasn't bought a Derby horse...what's up with that? I need some new blood to make fun of....c'mon Mikey get with it.
10) Lots of chatter out there about who's on the fence of graded earnings (Odysseus, Eskendereya, etc.). It comes down to this: "Show me the money." Lots of time, Space fans.


The_Knight_Sky said...

Well it's a new contest - Inside the Box contest. You're not the only one who didn't quite grasp the concept. So I won't make you stand in a corner with the Dunce Cap on.

I'm tweaking that one and I figure players would have more fun with it
(read: competitive leaderboard) if the fields were 9 or less.

I've added the optional $20 wps tie-breaker to spice things up. I don't see any reason why this one won't catch on.

I'm just not going to try it on The Kentucky Derby. Though it might be fun to see the number of goose-eggs laid by the blogging community. :D

Ernie said...

"$10 million dollar races that end up in a three horse photo finish are EXCITING!"

A three-way without de Kock would've been even better.

This bit has been unfunny for at least 36 hours.

EquiSpace said...

TKS: Having fun and I think I have it down now!

E: Your comment reminded me of this. LOL.

SaratogaSpa said...

The last 2 Duke games drew the highest ratings for CBS for March Madness in the 8 years...think CBS wants Duke in the Final 4, just a little bit??? thanks for the link


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