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Monday, January 4, 2010

Well, Well...Look Who's Supporting PETA

Ironic? Looks like the late Bobby Frankel's daughter has a new cause to further. As we all know, PETA has been a staunch thorn in the side to the horse racing industry and now they've grabbed one of our own (you can see her in the HRTV special on her father in the winner's circle several times). Sorry for the PG-13 post today, but what the heck, it's a new year and I've already blown about 3 or 4 resolutions already.

Has the industry hit bottom?


Erin said...

Bethenny also eats meat and dairy, and promotes such on her website via her recipes. She attends the races. She allows herself to be filmed attending races - promoting racing in doing so. I don't think there's too much worry about her becoming a militant PETA crusader. Why this topic has had numerous mentions in racing media is silly. Much ado about nothing.

The_Knight_Sky said...

Erin wrote:

Why this topic has had numerous mentions in racing media is silly.


Perhaps PETA considers it a coup to lure someone of Ms. Frankel's stature? Let's see if they twist their words to fit their agendas.

BTW: The over/under on this thread is: 24 comments. ;-)

EquiSpace said...

Erin: When I try to say something tongue-in-cheek, most people just think I have a speech impediment.

TKS: I'll take the under. Wish I were up to speed on the eating habits of one, Bethenny Frankel.

(get the A Few Good Men reference?)

The_Knight_Sky said...

Well, I was surprised to see this pic appear on the sidebar of my blog.
I had to squint to see if it was Elle MacPherson but you got me. ;-)

I'm not sure what kind of "career move" this is for Ms. Frankel. Perhaps her father's passing has given her more "options". I'll have to read up more on this issue before commenting why she would permit PETA using her "likeness" in that fashion.

That said, some pretty nifty photoshopping is evident in that image. :D

The Turk said...

I'm glad nobody wants to see The Turk's naked arse. I'm none too impressed with Ms. Frankel and this didn't make me think any better of her.

suebroux said...

Um ... I was gonna make some wisecrack about Bethenny Frankel's head being pasted on my body but anyone who knows my 40-something sack of cellulite would know I'm lying ...

Anyway, clearly Ms. Frankel's beef (no pun intended) is about fuzzy bunnies and frisky foxes and other furry creatures that are utilized for coats and what-not. I don't know too many people with Horse Hair Coats.


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