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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Odds and Evens

This is going to be one of those random jobber posts. It's been a little slow around the Space Lab lately as we gear up for another tax season, but there are a few things running around upstairs....

- Good news on the La Chica Rica front as she's back on the worktab. She breezed 4 furlongs last Friday at Charles Town in 49:20 as she prepares to get back on the track for her six year old campaign. We'll keep you appraised of when the star mare of Western New York's Bella Cavello will start next.

- The initial month of the poll project collaboration between TBA bloggers spurred on by The Knight Sky Racing Blog finished up on a positive note. TKS posted the December poll results and you can see a marked increase in the number of voters on the weekly poll questions. But we're not done there. Whether you're a TBA'er or not, we'd love to have you pick up the widget and post the poll on your site so we can continue to increase the votes to get an even better feel for some of the issues that our sport faces and can point to as the "voice of the fan." Let us know if you're interested.

- My Sabres are hot. The Bills coaching search is not.

- I'm going to learn my lesson this year and not get too sucked into the Derby futures. That's not to say I won't take a flyer on a long odds horse. Speaking of odds, if you're into online betting, there are a number of UK races and NFL playoff games at your fingertips. I like the Jets plus seven this weekend (a lot). Sorry Jets fans, I think I might've just jinxed ya.

- I enjoyed Pull the Pocket's recent "Parallels" post examining various comparisons of horse racing to baseball and boxing.

- A couple of excellent TBA'ers have re-ignited their blogs and have rejoined the fray. Tote Board Brad and Gathering the Wind are both well worth checking out.

- Looking forward to my inaugural visit to the Big A next week (I get to cross another one off my list) to be followed up by Sunshine Millions Day down at Gulfstream the following week. Talk about odds and evens...winter in NY or Fla? Time to dust off the handicapping books.

- Speaking of books, I'm three quarters through the Headless Horseman by Jim Squires. Another reason why posting has been a little light, one of my resolutions was to read more and troll the interwebs less. How we doin' (said in my best Jersey Shore G-Train voice)?

- Cuse!!!!! #5 in the country. You know you're getting old when the nephew of one of the guys you played against in high school is starting on your favorite college squad.



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