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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Big A: The Day in Pictures

I finally caught up to post a few pictures from my track visit last Thursday at the Big A. I wasn't sure what to expect while walking towards the large entrance from the parking lot off Rockaway Boulevard....but as you already was all good. Thanks again to my gracious hosts for a super day.

Sam the Bugler doesn't take the winter off...he's still doin' his thing, cold weather and all.

Here's a view of the paddock in front of the finish line from the third floor.

From the third floor looking out on Equestris the indoor dining facility.

NYRA's 2009 leading rider Ramon Dominguez aboard Frame of Reference before the 7th.

Bug Boy Angel Serpa atop EquiSpace favorite Pewter who we last saw in the 2008 Prince of Wales for James Bond at Fort Erie.

A scene all too familiar at most tracks these days. But inside it was bustling with horseplayers. For a Thursday afternoon in January I was surprised at the size of the crowd actually. Official attendance was 2,114.

Finally, a nice view from the box seats on the second floor overlooking the paddock and the finish line.
So that wraps up our eastern track visit for the month of January. Next up: Sunshine Millions Day at Gulfstream Park. With three stakes races slated for Saturday, there should be some good racing to be had in the Sunshine State. The Space Clan will be heading down to celebrate the Space Kid's first birthday (and third track visit: KEE, CD & GP -- pretty nice tri for his first year!). So we'll be loading up the Space Shuttle to jet down south and get out of this cold weather for a few days.


SaratogaSpa said...

Love the Pigeon in the "3rd floor looking out " photo..the official bird of the Big A.

Nice photos..enjoy the warm weather down south

Anonymous said...

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The_Knight_Sky said...

Hey! Great shot of the finish line (and paddock) from the third floor.

If you only turn back time:


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