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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Lost Weekend

Why the post title, The Lost Weekend? Because every single thing I did, gambled on, rooted for or enlisted in, well ya know, lost. I thought we started out smokin' at the Buffalo Wehrle OTB winning the first two races in the NYS OTB handicapping contest, but it was a downhill spiral from there. The results (welcome to Loserville, population: Me)....

OTB Handicapping contest: 3 winners.
Equibase handicapping tournament: Lucky to hit double figures.
UB football vs. Central Michigan (with side bet with the Mi Bred-Claimer - the gold bullion is in the mail): 17-10 loss.
Belmont Super Saturday: Played two P3's and the guaranteed P4 @ Belmont on Saturday: Lost both P3's in the last leg and the P4 blew up on contact (see Kodiak Kowboy, see Interpatation). I couldn't even turn the Summer Bird victory into a score because I left out Spa City Whatever His Name Is off my late double ticket.
Syracuse football: Close at halftime, kablooie in second half by South Florida.
Indiana Derby selections: My top four selections at my free NTRA blog finished 8th, 1st, 5th and 9th, respectively.
Meadowlands Survivor Pool: After finishing in the top 100 at Monmouth, I missed the board all day Saturday. (Space Gal, on the other hand, hit the board on all 3 of her selections?)
Sabres Home Opener: Crushing OT loss even though they outshot the Habs twofold.
ESPN Streak for the Cash: Entered the weekend with a six game streak, exited with a 3-4 record.

And that was just Saturday. At least I was dry and drinking cheap beer.

Sunday would go not much better.

Arc d'Triomphe: I watched on TwinSpiresTV and made a small wager to no avail. My ADW account is in the shop until the Breeders' Cup. (Side note: WTF TVG...Meadowlands reply show so I could watch my crappy picks lose again versus the freakin' Arc??? They lost some viewership opportunities on a Sunday morning, for sure.)
Fantasy Football Team (with Drew Brees): tied going into Monday night vs. Vikes defense (pretty much cooked). If you're wondering how my survivor pool pick did, I was eliminated last week.

Finally, the creme de le creme: The Buffalo Bills. Now wasn't that special.

Thank goodness there was no Top Chef programming this week, my man Eli would be sure to be packing his knives....

I'm just trying not to get hit by a truck while walking my trusty Tanner Jones around the block tonight.....and look what I found coming live from Orchard 1986...maybe I'll get lucky tonight (going with Pittsburgh, which means you still have time to call your bookmaker to play San Diego).


Anonymous said...

Hope the Steelers get you back on track. I just checked and they are up 21-0 at halftime. Hope they don't blow it in the 2nd half!

Ernie said...

I have had dozens of those days. You basically had an Ernesto.

But you survived, and there's always tomorrow, today, ten minutes

EquiSpace said...

Elizabeth: In classic form, I didn't make the Streak play on time as I was finishing up my post so I didn't get the win. Meh.

E: Love calling it the Ernesto, goin in the vocab.

Nanette said...

I feel your pain about TVG. I watched Zarkava's Arc last year and really wanted to See the Stars (if you'll pardon the weak pun) this year, but I had read that HRTV got it. Although my DirecTv guide still listed the Arc.
It was another two hours before they replayed it!
Keep up the good posts!


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