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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Justenuffhumor on a Hump Day

I'm having some early morning insomnia and the squirrels were turning inside my head this morning, so you know what that means.....random thought Wednesday....

- Bona Venture Stables is sending out It's the Big Cat (15-1 ML) on Thursday at the Spa in Race 5, a 5 1/2 furlong turf sprint. This is trainer Leah Gyarmati's maiden voyage for this 2 year old named after St. Bonaventure and NBA great Bob Lanier, he of the size 22 dogs (see inset). Good luck to my friends at BVS.

- I totally had a belly laugh when I read Steve Crist's mention of his own little 4 hour mark in his Day 6 Saratoga Diary: "2:45 pm: Missed the first three while driving back to Long Island. Not a straw in my path until I hit the Whitestone Bridge, crawled home from there. Track-to-track driving time, Saratoga to Belmont, including two rest stops, was 4:15:32.30. Guy I know who likes to bet on anything wanted to go over 4:07 for $1,000, but I didn't bite. Good number, though." Guess I'm not the only one shooting for a 3:59. Impressive that he went down to the tenths, I'm definitely slacking...Saratoga Resident's response: "Is Belmont Park my driveway?"

- The Turk. The Turk. The Turk is on fire. I recommend you check his site out when the Nominations come in. I totally overlooked Justenuffhumor when making a P3 play on Sunday in the Fourstardave at the Spa. After reading his post and looking back at the PP's, I noticed my glaring error and included him. He also successfully nailed Informed over the weekend in the San Diego Handicap. That man can handicap. If you were really paying attention you would have seen that Alan at Left at the Gate gave out the Pick 4 ($254) on Saturday at the Spa also. It pays to read the TBA posts.

- More Rachel thoughts. I posted a comment to Monday's blog that another reason the Travers makes sense over the Woodward is television coverage. Of course, this is totally from the perspective of growing viewership and the sport. The Travers is scheduled to be televised by ESPN, the Woodward, not so much (TVG, HRTV and MSG+). I have to believe they could raise big advertising bucks proclaiming another historical victory (last filly winner = 1915) is in the making. You have to figure the folks at the World Wide Leader have some pull here. Secondly the reemergence of once hailed Derby contender Quality Road, makes the race all the more intriguing.

- Interesting article on blogging/hijacking articles in the WaPost by Ian Shapira. Reminds me of my business partner (from Niagara Falls) trying to refer to the book "Who Moved My Cheese" as "Who Stole My F'ing Cheese" instead...comedy gold.


Keith - Triple Dead Heat said...

Love the Shapira link. Followed right on through to the blog and the blog response.

A very tough topic.

The Turk said...

Thanks for the kind words Geno. You rock!


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