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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Insomnia 2.0

I can't sleep. My dog, Tanner Jones, is keeping me company tonight on the couch, so that I don't wake up the rest of the Space Clan. At least the squirrels aren't spinning, so no brilliant ideas to pass on early this morning, just some opinionated blather.

Tried pulling down the Pick Six on Thursday with a monstrous $8 ticket. You can imagine how that worked out. Amazingly, I hit 4 of 6 and I won't even write about what I did to talk myself off the other two horses that won, it's just too painful. One of these days I will learn to trust my own instincts.

On the Space Kid front, it's officially in the books that his first words were dah-dah. (Although the Turk swears it could have been spa-spa). Let's just say the Space Gal is beside herself and in total denial. Next step, reading the DRF.

Having happy thoughts for Edgar Prado. He quietly has won back to back feature stakes at the Spa with D'funnybone in the Saratoga Special and Shared Account yesterday in the Lake Placid. Who's he aboard in the Alabama? Umm....that would be a negative, as in no mount.

Watched Jockeys 2.0 season premiere with the Space Gal last night (at least I think her eyes were open). How many times are we going to see a shot of a jockey falling off a horse and hear how dangerous an occupation it is? This just in...we get it. Really. We do. I did enjoy the claiming process portion of the program. A nice way to educate new fans and understand the game within the game that occurs leading up to and during a claiming race. Boy, they made Nakatani look like a poster child for an angry man. Next up on the who can we hate list is Garret Gomez.

Alabama thoughts: I have a feeling this race might fall apart. I'm going with the Canadian filly Milwaukee Appeal (who picks up Johnny V), followed by Don't Forget Gil (beaten a neck in the CCAO by Funny Moon) and Casanova Move (don't overlook her PP's). All three also look like they could handle an off track (which is a distinct possibility). I think it will be an awesome race to watch and there are four or five horses that can win.

Lastly, I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger.

1 Comment:

BonaStables said...

Nope. My $50 to win on Careless Jewel was the right choice. Sure, easy to tell you now but I loved him, I loved him. By the way, It's the Big Cat is on track to stretch out a 1 1/16 on the turf at the Spa on Aug. 30.


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