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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ready to Rumble?

Tonight it's all about making sure all of the essentials are packed, so there's no time to waste in the morning. Fedora - check (not really). Ugly orange shirt - check. Cooler - check. Macanudo - check. Pens - check. Racing form - check. Space Gal's pink camera - check. Co-pilot -'re cancelling?? What?? Looks like I am flying solo down the great New York State Thruway tomorrow. Some unavoidable personal issues has my pal G-Money staying at home for the opening two days. At least his Abe Vigoda-like bladder won't hold up my commuting time (and secret new route) into the Springs. I'm officially calling it the Springs from this point on.

Looking forward to some blogger meet ups over the course of the day, as well as seeing many old friends from the greater Albany area. We have an interesting golf match set up with some industry folks (former and current) on Thursday morning at the lovely Ballston Spa CC, which should provide some good blog fodder for the weekend and then to the track for afternoon festivities at the top of the stretch.

The card is a tough one. I'm through the first five races and wow...there will be boxcar payoffs tomorrow, there is no doubt. Value hunting galore. The hunch bet exacta (courtesy: the Puma) is in the Schuylerville: Wild Without Wine w/That's How I Roll. And if you're the Saratoga Resident you toss in Hot Dixie Chick for good measure. Seriously, the James Marvin (Race 3) is a complete brainteaser. I'm currently hoping Pyro takes a lot of dumb money and that a longshot like Cassoulet (anytime you can get Leparoux at double digit odds...whoa) or the Sheikh's Honour Devil runs a big one and makes a big score. I think I am going to stick to straight win betting and rolling doubles tomorrow. We'll see if I can stick to the plan (unlikely).

I received a tweet directed at me by monmouthpark stating that Rachel Alexandra will be carrying 5 less pounds (117) against her nine rivals (notice the use of the word "rivals") in Sunday's $1.25M Haskell Invitational. Like she needs that kind of advantage. I wonder why it wasn't in the stakes conditions, guess they never figured a filly to enter this race....seems odd to me....but what do I know? (Don't answer that last question)

Kevin at Colin's Ghost has a super post up about opening day Saratoga 1919, make sure you check it out. Drop me an email if you'd like to say hello tomorrow or Thursday. And don't forget to get your Toga Party picks to me tonight! Looks like we'll have a full gate, as Val at Foolish Pleasure looks to defend her crown. Good luck and thanks for reading. Back in a couple of days with full reports from the Springs (kinda like the ring to that).


Colins Ghost said...

Thanks for the link. Good luck at the Spa! See ya at Travers..

3:59 said...

This just in, no one calls Saratoga "the Springs"..... and neither do you while crashing in the Equispace suite.

See you 4 hours and 12 minutes after you leave Bflo!


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