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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Random questions while mind-blowing events continue to transpire in the racing world.....

So, Jess can I have a little Rachel to go with that expensive wine?

Some folks have gone as far as projecting the path for Rach's Horse of the Year honors. Huh? Whoa Nellie...there's a big one in two weeks (or in five weeks)she's gonna have to win first, and it won't be a walk in the park. Hell, I don't even think she'd even win the Ladies Classic at this point....remember that horse....what's her name? Police song? Oh yeah...the mighty Zenyatta...let's not lose focus. Remember she's never ran on the Pro-Ride, as my pal Ernie has already pointed out to me once. Now don't everyone get their panties in a bunch or knickers twisted (actually googled Twisted Knickers and it's a band and a fashion blog - cool), I think she's fabulous and winning the Kentucky Oaks is great and all....but there's a reason why they run the races....I'm just sayin...

If we have another big announcement in the racing world, I'm gonna need some oxygen. Think Mine That Bird's connections are loving the fact that the media will be distracted away from their horse so they can get back to the way my daughter's birthday is August 8th, ya think I played it last Saturday? Umm, that would be a big fat no.

While I feel for the former trainer Wiggins, I think we'll at least get to see what she's made of under Asmussen via the Triple Crown route (fingers crossed), you gotta believe she'll be the Preakness morning line favorite, 5/2 maybe?

How many people are glad it's JJ and not IEAH (standing up, raising hand) who reportedly had a shot at her earlier in the year, but couldn't close the deal?

So you think racing gets the shaft by about NBC not programming the Ovechkin-Crosby (Caps/Pens) monster superstar matchup on Saturday, instead showing the PGA's made for TV 5th major, the TPC? I'm surprised they didn't move it over to Bravo, the NBC Universal owned network and home of the Kentucky Oaks? Hey NHL, get in line.....


malcer said...

Ovechkin v Crosby on the golf course, with body checks (but no high stickin'). I'd watch that.

Oh, lest I forget: If it couldn't be easily mistaken where I live, I'd be standing with my hand up high, too ;-).

Ghostsnapper said...

I know exactly what you mean about IEAH. They already tainted I Want Revenge, and the last thing I want is to hear about Iavarone making eyes for Rachel.

I just hope they keep Borel in the irons if they go in the Preakness. Earlier, Hal Wiggins said he suspected they'd keep Calvin, but the DRF didn't seem to lean that way.

Power Cap said...

Your daughters birthday is 8/8 and you didn't have the Bird? Shame on you. I hope they save the filly for the Belmont. I have 10 Belmont tickets and they will be worth as much as GM stock if Rachel runs in the Preakness as I feel she can not lose. Hoping with everything I can muster that Rachel rests and the Bird pulls off another shocker at Pimlico.


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