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Monday, May 11, 2009


Brett Favre couldn't have done it any better than Ahmed Zayat, Mark Allen and Marylou Whitney (who me?). It didn't take more than a backlash of internet frenzy after word got out that some backroom collusion to keep the greatest filly since sliced bread, out of the Preakness. Those three backpedaled quicker than Favre with an onrushing Reggie White in his prime bearing down on him. I really like Paulick's take on it, especially that ole' Joe Hirsch would've smelled it out and taken care of the idiocy before the rest of the media ever got wind of it. Good stuff, indeed. I was wondering why my Luv Gov post from last August was piling up hits today.

Personally, I think it's a huge mistake running her back in two weeks, when she was being pointed (properly I might add) to Belmont Day already. With the change in scenery and run back in two weeks after a dynamite (and potentially draining) performance in the Oaks, she's vulnerable, in my humble opinion.

Does anyone else find it ironic that the NTRA's Safety and Integrity Alliance first charter accredited member has a training accident (safety) resulting in a euthanization during Derby week and has a tote board problem with Derby/Oaks Double payoffs where incorrect payoff were made? I'd bet dollars to donuts that Pimlico receives the third accrediation this week sometime. Anyone wanna take that bet?

I decided to try horse ownership, thus EquiSpace Ventures LLC has acquired a share of the 2yo filly Higher Authority, who Patrick visited over the weekend down in Maryland. I'm pretty excited about my first foray into ownership and really like the way Frank at That's Amore Stables has kept the partners in the loop with everything going on. She's looking great in the photos and I look forward to meeting her in the coming months down in Baltimore.

Speaking of Baltimore, what is with Michael Phelps? That boy badly needs some famous people lessons.


John said...

I'm in the Homefire partnership with Frank. We haven't won one yet, but Frank does a great job of keeping the partners informed.

Space Bro said...

Good Looking Filly!


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