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Monday, April 27, 2009

Cornering the Turn

Spreadsheet updated: Check

ADW Account Loaded for Bear: Check
Chips, Beer, Soda, Juleps Stocked: Check
Phone number for NTRA/Blogger Conference Call: Ummm....Huh?
Be ready for the Pimlico Safety & Integrity Alliance announcement next week. Sorry, couldn't help myself. Wonder if this morning's accident at Churchill could have been avoided by, ironically, the track that received the first Safety accreditation. Seemed to be a lot of concern on behalf of the trainers that were on hand.
So it's kinda ironic that our NASCAR neighbors grab the headlines for safety issues the week of the Kentucky Derby. Man, that crash looked hellacious and it's a good thing no fans got seriously hurt (as well as Carl Edwards). Let's hope they all come home safe this weekend so these folks don't get any more ammunition than they already have.
I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm disappointed that Wednesday's Derby Draw live on 4th Street won't be televised this year. While some may think it was boring television, I found it intriguing when Big Brown's connections were left with the 1, 19 and 20 posts to choose from last year. There was a little drama that was fun to watch and then hear the confidence of Rick Dutrow in saying the 20 post wouldn't be an issue for his horse. Anyways, I'm sure it didn't make any economic sense for ESPN or NBC to televise it (especially for an hour long show), but I'll miss it nonetheless.
CanGamble posted today (yes, I got past the Chantal picture) that Fort Erie won't be taking US dollar wagers this year at the windows, but they'll be happy to exchange your American dollars for a loonie or two. Wow, now that's customer service. I'll be using my ADW account, thank you very much. I found it to be extremely convenient to be able to bet in USD last summer, regardless of how much I was getting skewered via the exuberant exactor takeouts.
It's too bad that Quality Road had to scratch, I really feel for James Jerkens as the type of horse he had doesn't come around every year. I remember walking out of the Superdome after Syracuse lost to Indiana in 1987, thinking man it's hard to get this far and not win (and it took another 16 years to win it).
It goes to show you that Derby Future Wagers can be quite the risky endeavor, indeed. I have one Pool #3 exacta box with IWR, Chocolate Candy and Regal Ransom and one Pool #2 exacta box with Friesan Fire and all others, which ends up being with Regal Ransom, Square Eddie, Musket Man, Hold Me Back, Win Willy, Advice, Mine that Bird, Flying Private, Mr. Hot Stuff, Join in the Dance and Summer Bird. My only future win wager was in Pool #1, where I have Friesan Fire at 19-1, which is nice value considering he'll be around 7-1 on Derby Day, if not less. We'll start formulating exotics after the post draw on Wednesday. I don't know another US race where post positions come more into play than this one, so best to wait to see what gates they'll be in come Saturday. I also enjoy playing the Oaks/Derby double, which may not be as expensive due to the lack of challengers to Rachel Alexandra. I also understand there will be a Pick 3 featuring the Oaks/Woodford Reserve Turf/Derby wager available also that could offer better value than the aforementioned double.
Time to get busy.....we"re almost ready to turn the corner..


SaratogaSpa said...

I'm with you on this one. I always watched the Derby Draw on TV and perhaps oddly, always found it interesting. For me, it was "Must watch TV".

3:59 said...

No draw! To paraphrase Captain Renault...I'm shocked, shocked to find out there is no interest in horse racing on television!

Take it for what it is, one more nail in the coffin of horse racing on television. ESPN spent the better part of TWO days on the NFL draft for Pete's sake

This sport is past becoming a joke, it IS a joke when it comes to interest in televising the events that matter.

Happened to catch some level of Indy car racing on Vs. network yesterday that was the equivalent of Double A baseball. I think more drivers crashed than finished, but there it was on national T.V., and the draw for the "most exciting 2 minutes in sports" doesn't warrant 30-60 minutes on ANY channel.

The handwriting is on the wall, until the general sports fan becomes interested in horse racing for something other than tragic breakdowns and the occasional (soft) penalty for a cheating trainer it will be what is it...less than 4th rate

Where have all the honest owners & trainers gone? What are the track owners, state regulators, NTRA, TRPB, RCI and all of the other members of the alaphabet club actually doing to protect, promote and enhance the game? If they don't care about the sport...NO ONE WILL

EquiSpace said...

Spa and 3:59: Problem is we are the only ones who were watching it...thus the ratings game comes into play. No ratings, no advertisers, no TV....pretty simple. Sucks for us, but it's reality and I've come to face it.

We can only hope the racing channels (NYOTB, HRTV or TVG) pick it up...I understand HRTV will be televising it for those lucky enough to have it.

Anonymous said...

Who peed in 3:59's cheerios? :)

3:59 said...

Anonymous - the "alleged" keepers of the sport. No other sport has so many governing bodies and no other sport has less credibility with casual fans. Try getting one of your friends that loves football, baseball, basketball, hockey or even women's tennis (no offense) interested in horse racing.

When they mention drugs (legal and illegal) cheating, unpublished or false workout times, laugh and generally scoff at the notion of actually betting on t-breds...ask yourself why folks that don't watch a single college basketball game get excited every March?


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