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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Go East Young Man

So how receptive was New York yesterday when west coast shipper I Want Revenge arrived at the Big A and stole the honors away from the locals [two major NY-breds Mr. Fantasy (3rd) and Haynesfield (6th)]. Based on the pictures I saw at another blog site, didn't look like anyone was there anyway. Smokin' Joe Talamo (sounds good doesn't it?) he of the big dorky grin lost only time yesterday as he flew in from Cali for the Gotham. Revenge, obviously is best served cold on the East Coast based on yesterday's performance. The second horse in as many weeks destined to move up the PDI ladder from last week's #20 ranking. Last week Quality Road came from off the board to cop the 4th spot.

Speakin of Smokin' Joes, I'll point the Wind Gatherer there to pick up some tax-free 'gars on his next WNY jaunt.
Speaking of WG, a few months ago he sent me a text message when my namesake Geno Green was running at the Big A, who I indeed wagered on and he lost badly. This week one of my handicapping pals, Double G, sent me an email notifying me that a horse named Geno was running at the Fair Grounds on Thursday in finale, a 6 furlong maiden claimer for $16K. The exact message was "There is a horse in the last at Fairgrounds Thurs named Geno, but dont (sic) bet him, he does not look good." Of course, this time of year it's easy for me to lose track of time, so I forgot to check the odds or make a hunch bet. Ends up he goes off at 60-1 and finishes third. Needless to say, he's now in my watch list.
Hit 1 of 3 on my Public Handicapper picks yesterday with Einstein ($12.00) in the Big Cap being my only winner to keep the lifetime winnings over the mendoza line. Mr. Fantasy (3rd) and Get Rich Quick (2nd) were my other two selections. I laid off the Kilroe. Not gonna win any contests this way though.
Of course, when going to the windows for the Big Cap yesterday I keyed-boxed Cowboy Cal instead of Einstein in my exacta play with Champs Elysses underneath also...Saratoga Resident Rule #234 "when you have a gut feel, stick with it."
I'm unsure of how I feel about the Bills signing TO yesterday. While he is already creating quite a buzz around Western New York (and Southern Ontario) his impact in the locker room is definitely a concern. However, he should do wonders for Lee Evans who saw double coverage for most of the last two years. Buckle your seat belts, it should be interesting.


Wind Gatherer said...

Never could find a good one at Smokin' Joes. And swisher sweets don't count.

SaratogaSpa said...

Ouch-60-1, we have all been there.

Rule # 161: Always throw $2 on any horse with your name or children's name on it, ( I have tried this rule with wife, ex-wife's or girlfriends names but ROI rate is low with this condition).

The Turk said...

The Humidor at Smokin' Joes has gotten very good in the past few months. I prefer Virgil Ave or Tinderbox, but Smokin' has some cheap cigars for sure!

I saw the same pictures from the Big A myself. Pretty sad.

Teresa said...

The crowd at the Big A was actually terrific. Keep in mind that many winner's circle/paddock photos are taken from the clubhouse side, and thus have the grandstand in the background. The grandstand has been closed for years in anticipation of the VLT installation, so spectators/bettors are all in the clubhouse/on the clubhouse apron, both of which had nice crowds.

Geno said...

WG: LOL re: swisher sweets.

SS: Love rule #161...can't believe I blew it!

Turk: Only place I go for cigars.

Teresa: I thought that might be the case, DRF attendance figs said 5,154 on a day with a major Derby prep (is that good?) In comparison (maybe unfairly so) Oaklawn had over 19,000, Santa Anita 31,000, and Mountaineer 15,000. They Big A did beat Tampa, however, who had over 4,500.

Thanks for reading.


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