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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did You Know...

This month's edition has a bit of a triple crown flavor to it. March 24th (yesterday) was certainly a signifcant day in horse racing history.

- That 2 (count 'em two) triple crown winners were foaled on this date? Both Omaha (1932) and Count Fleet (1940) were foaled on March 24th!

- That Omaha was the only triple crown winner to be sired by another triple crown winner, Gallant Fox? How cool is that?

- That Upset, the only horse to defeat the great Man o' War died at age 24, the following year in 1941. The term "upset" is thought to have originated from this surprising accomplishment. That I did not know.

- That in 1953, Saturday programming for nationwide televising of 10 of the richest races being run in New York and Delaware, was announced. NBC and ABC provided network coverage for the broadcasts, which ran from mid April until mid June. Kevin, there's still hope for Take Back Saturday!

- That in 1997, an underwriting company (Assicurazioni Generali) agreed to pay a $25 million claim filed by Cigar's owners Allen Paulson and Coolmore Stud on their congenital infertility insurance policy.

- That the original Derby poll is over at the CJ? Does that mean Ray's is extra crispy?

- That one of Microsoft's interview questions (so the Space Gal tells me) is: Why are manholes round? Answer: A round manhole cover can't fall into the manhole no matter how much you twist and turn it. A rectangular cover can, all you have to do is tilt it sideways. There you go. Bill Gates, beware your little secret is out.

Remember for the best history lessons within the TBA, check out the resident expert, Colin's Ghost.


Kevin said...

Thanks for link.

I read about the manhole question in the new Malcolm Gladwell book. I didn't know and no one I asked got it either. I guess me and my dumb friends are never going to work for Microsoft.

EquiSpace said...

Kev: You're welcome. That explains where she came up with it...Outliers, right?

Anonymous said...

Just think if Onion had been around to beat Man O' War instead of Upset.... then would having an odds-on favorite getting beaten be known as being "onioned"?

SaratogaSpa said...

Of course the Upset victory over Man of War came at Saratoga, part of the lore of the place they call "Graveyard of Favorites"

Anon-nope Bill Rafferty already coined the "Onions" phrase and it has nothing to do with horse racing:)

Kevin Stafford said...

Take Back Saturday, indeed! I was talking about this at lunch with the wife, and wondering whether the dismal weather across much of the nation played a role in the increased tv viewership....well, that and the decent job they did on aggressively advertising the Derby as a major event (about darn time!).

Coincidentally, using the words "whether" and "weather" in the same sentence feels inherently strange. :-)


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