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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Golf Claps

I was having a bad day yesterday, so what do I usually do in this situation? Attend a mindless movie that will make me laugh at anything. So I convinced the Space Gal that we should go see Paul Blart - Mall Cop. If Kevin James (see dance move #1) can't pick up my mood, who can? Was pretty funny at spots, but at the end of the picture (and the house was packed) it received a rousing round of applause. Now, mind you, this movie has absolutely no potential to receive an Oscar or a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award, for that matter, but the spontaneous show of hands started my wheels turning. Me, I couldn't even get myself to give it a golf clap. At least it took me to a better place than I was. Which brings us to today's topic: the golf clap. Is it the sarcastic applause as defined at Wikipedia, or the gentle applause (non-rousing version) in the first paragraph. I tend to use the golf clap more in the "way to go" positive mindset and not in the sarcastic sense. If I don't like something, I just don't clap. There you have it. So today, we'll give out a few golf claps and a few rousing applauses.

Golf Clap: For my college English professors Dr. Peter Schwartz and Dr. Gary LaPointe, both engaging academians, for teaching me creative writing and providing me with a waiver from having to take Handride's upcoming online video tutorial on basic feature-writing and opinion-writing methods. (ok sometimes I use the sarcastic version..tongue in cheek)

Rousing Applause: For Sully and his awesome piloting skills. Space Gal told me over coffee this morning, "if I ever hear "brace for impact," I sure hope Sully is at the helm."

Golf Clap: For The Lost in the Fog movie. I watched it (well, most of it, as there were some technical difficulties around the sixty minute mark) and really enjoyed the documentary chronicling this horse's incredible win streak ending on 2005 Breeders Cup Day at Belmont. I was at his King's Bishop victory at the Spa on that glorious Travers Day, and loved the fact that this horse won at multiple tracks away from his home base in NoCal. The passion shown in this film by the Fog's late owner was something to behold. I was moved at how they didn't rush this horse into the Derby and took the horse's interests to heart before entering him. Great race footage and personalities in abundance throughout the film.

Rousing Applause: For Valerie at Foolish Pleasure, who's hit the Top 60 in the DRF Winter of our Discontent Handicapping Contest. Go Val. Keep it up.

Golf Clap: For the New York State Racing & Wagering Board (don't worry I'm not going soft) for getting all of the industry stakeholders together on Thursday to discuss enforcement and implementation of the new Tote Standards Rule discussed in my post earlier in the week. It is my understanding that all three tote companies (United Tote, Amtote and Scientific Games), a majority of the state's thoroughbred and harness track operators, the various OTB factions and three monitoring companies met to discuss how this rule will be implemented. The rule went into effect on January 1. The regulators in this scenario have the horseplayers best interests at heart by protecting their wagers through a thorough monitoring process. Think of it this way, in the Casino business there are all kinds of cameras protecting the house from any misappopriations or illegal activity. This type of oversight that the NYSRWB is attempting to enforce is only protecting the integrity of the paramutuel pools and in turn, the horseplayer's money. For that, they get a golf clap from this side of the state.

Rousing Applause: For the 150-200 brave souls who turned out in subzero temperatures to the Save Fort Erie Racetrack Rally, unfortunately no word yet on the fate of the track. CanGamble writes a nice recap on the rally here. Buffalo News coverage of the event: zip, zero, zilch (in that order).

In closing, I made a solid attempt this week to turn the Saratoga Resident into the Buffalo Resident (again), to no avail, I guess Buffalo Resident just doesn't have the same ring to it...


The Turk said...

As always, good writing. The Fort Erie rally was rather uninspiring. I didn't have high hopes because the powers that be aren't going to be moved by these fine horsepeople, only the almighty loonie. I did take the opportunity to enjoy a Cuban and buy some duty free bourbon.

Valerie said...

Oh, god, now I'm cursed! :) LOL I'll just be happy if the Stillers can pull off three wins against the Ravens this season. Go Stillers!!


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