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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Prime Real Estate

If you're still in Saratoga, you gotta eat, right? I meant throughout August to post my top five dining experiences (which typically consists of eating at the bar - prime real estate during the meet), but time got by me and I let it slip. So here's my belated list...

1 - Hattie's (special post 10pm cold chicken on a platter is a must)
2 - Beekman Street Bistro (nice sit down, reservations a must, nice owners)
3 - Grey Gelding (awesome spiedies)
4 - Max London's (new restaurant, awesome service and ambience, could move up next year)
5 - Tiznow (this place could be big the calamari)

Granted the extent of my restaurant reviewing prowess is trying to handicap Top Chef episodes, so take it easy on me. I know there are better dining experiences and I always like to try new places so if you have suggestions, let em rip.

I received an message from the Facebook group "Thoroughbred Racing In New York" doing an informal survey on six questions, which I found highly entertaining. One question really intrigued me though relating to a choice of what sporting event complete with prime real estate would I prefer to attend. The choices were: a) 50-yard line Super Bowl, b) box seat finish line Triple Crown, c) halfcourt NBA Game 7 Finals, d) Center ice Stanley Cup, e) net level Wimbledon, f) third base Game 7 World Series, g) ringside Tyson-Ali (in their primes)?

Now you would think a horse racing blogger would easily select (b) and be done with it. Well, hold the phone. I took this question quite literally, so I was between the Super Bowl, NBA finals and Tyson-Ali and eventually selected (after much thought and deliberation): the Super Bowl. Since I have been to three Triple Crown races (one in a box seat at finish line - Curlin/Rags) and been to the Stanley Cup Finals (Sabres/ goal...thanks Winston for reminding me) and Game 7 of the World Series (Joe Carter), it narrowed it down for me (and I have this checkoff list I like to refer to). Tyson-Ali was a close runnerup, being ringside for a heavyweight boxing match is something everyone should experience, it's pretty cool, and that fight would have been something to watch. Never been to a Super Bowl (thankfully I stayed home and watched all four Bflo debacles), that's the big show and I think that's why I ended up making that selection.

Speaking of football, today is Opening Day and it's off to the Ralph for me. First time ever seeing the Seahawks after 22 years of season tickets (prime real estate for the past eight years). Opening days have been devastating in the past eight years, where we've lost three at the gun (Jaguars, Jets on an overtime kickoff return, and last year's Broncos game when they rushed the FG team on). But, hey, it's Buffalo and we expect the worse. But always on opening day there's this unbridled optimism that maybe this is the year (then I wake up).

I took a week off from handicapping as I head to the Mirage Sports Book in Vegas tomorrow, taking advantage of the Space Gal's work convention and free property accomodations (prime real estate). Free is for me. If anyone has any other suggestions for excellent sports books, I'm all ears. I am entered one of the National Handicapping Qualifiers at Sunset Station on Thursday and look forward to my first foray into a handicapping contest (trying to avoid the goose egg). More on this from Sin City.

Here's one of my favorite ESPN commercials to ready myself for the emotions I'll be dealing with sometime around 4pm est (check out the gnome, someone really has their pulse on Western New York):

1 Comment:

Winston...not really said...

I have to send that to my buddy in Bflo. Awesome.

If you're not careful, Tiznow could be the next big restaurant and then, like Yogi said,"Nobody goes there's too crowded."


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