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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The King in his Court

Thanks to the Puma for this fine shot of Curlin in the paddock at the Spa, getting some schooling.
Just back from the Big Apple and some beautiful weather. The boat trip to the Stadium on the Yankee Clipper was awesome and our afternoon tour was pretty cool. We were able to check out the press box, Monument Park, the BoSox dugout as well as a spectacular view of the new stadium being built next door. The game was so-so, but when you sit in the upper tier at Yankee Stadium there is much more to keep your attention. I thought I was at an out of hand Bills game for a minute, when a fairly large (being polite) woman was being escorted out for public drunkeness, happened to call the fairly large (again, I'm a nice guy) female NYPD'er something that rhymes with rich. This upset Ms. NYPD Blue quite a bit (i could lip read.."what did you say?). I will say I've never seen a sumo wrestling match before, but this came pretty damn close. It took three NYPD blues to wrestle said drunk lady to the ground before cuffing her and leaving Section 23 to a rousing "na-na-na-na" chant. Only in New York. The cops aren't the only folks getting their shots in, the NY press is absolutely murdering A-Rod, I can't wait to see what they do to Brett this fall. One writer predicted a "Favre-a-cue" if he doesn't produce. Ah, New York, you gotta love it.
Back to the horses with a "Holy Longshot Batman," as jockey Mike Luzzi pulled off two huge wins today with Scientist ($30.60) in the third and Be Smart ($100.00) in the ninth. I did a double take in the airport when I was checking the results. I've been noticing Channing Hill hitting the board with some big numbers, I am liking him more and more each day, he will be a force in the not to distant future.
Bella Cavello's star mare La Chica Rica (ML 7-5) goes for her sixth in a row on Saturday night in the eighth at Timonium (the Saratoga of York Road according to the Bug Boys), the $50K Alda North Stakes. She will be racing against the last horse to have beaten her (in back to back races last winter) in stakes winner All Giving (ML 7-2). Tough test for Chica who will also face Story of a Lion, who placed second to her last time out by 1 1/2 lengths at a shorter distance. This one is at 6 1/2 furlongs, a distance at which Chica hasn't raced since her last loss at 7 furlongs to All Giving in March. The quest for number six will be indeed a challenge. We'll keep you posted here as to the results.
Only fitting that the Spa's Friday twilight card features a wise guy lineup of horses, after grandma Gotti passed away this week, here's a preview:
1st - High Brass
2nd - Wicked Rich
3rd - Over Under
4th - Got that Money
5th - Shifty Guy
6th - Wise Guy Kelly
7th - Ninth Client (some say Spitz got blown in by you know who in a classic quid pro quo)
8th - Sinners N Saints
9th - Mastermind
Johnny V and Todd P can make up some ground on Alan Garcia and Kieran McLaughlin in the jockey/trainer title races. JV and Garcia each notched a win today, but six of seven of Johnny V's mounts tomorrow are less than 5-1 on the morning line and two are favorites. This could get interesting, as three of the mounts are for Pletcher. Stay tuned.


SaratogaSpa said...

Shifty Guy will be ridden by Female Jockey Jackie Davis-making her Jockey debut. She is the daughter of retired Jockey Robbie Davis. I met her two years ago when she was waiting tables at Brindisi's in downtown Saratoga as she trained to be a jockey-she loves the game and has a great attitude-someone to root for.

Winston...not really said...

I'm sure that cop was just big boned. After all, they MUST pass a physical of some kind and I doubt NY's finest would let anyone slide in that regard.

Channing Hill is definitely an up and comer.


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