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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Twitter Accounts: Back in Time

Do you ever think back and wonder what it would have been like if Twitter had always been around? I do.

It's been awhile since we've had a little fun at the Space Station, so I thought I'd take you back in time to a Twitterdom far, far, away and share some Twitter posts of some folks you've probably heard of from racing's past with their faux Twitter handles and avatars, of course.

Joe Hirsch, Turf Writer
"@TheDean: Someday they'll name a Press Box after me that will last forever. #churchill #hinthint"

Bing Crosby
"@WhiteChristmas: Racetrack? That song is about my dinner. #steakandlobster #DelMar"

Chic Anderson
"@TremendousCaller: Need a signature line...drawing a blank....anybody?"

Jimmy The Greek
"@TheGreek: Bet the gray horses I hear they have an extra tendon."

 "@BigRed: Funny that you use a sham to dust things, 'cuz I just dusted that dude. #sham #31andaHalf" 

"@Bridesmaid78: @PeteAxthelm: Stop complaining, I told you to bet me to place."

Derrick Davis
"@FixIsIn: Live to all in the Pick Six!!! #BreedersCup02"

Lucien Laurin
"@BeingLucienLaurin: My middle name is Octavio. #LOL"

JT Lundy
"@CalumetKing: Insurance premiums are crazy expensive, yo."

Harvey Pack
"@PackAtTheTrack: Hello? Is this Tweeter thingy on?"

Eddie Arcaro
 "@TheMaster: Next guy who calls me "Banana Nose" in the jocks room is going over the hedge. #sorrynotsorry"

Colonel Matt Winn
"@ColonelYum: I hate when they screw up my extra crispy order at the drive-thru. #churchill #KFCFail"

George Woolf
"@IceMan: This one's for Red! #matchrace38 #theBiscuit"

Fake Woody Stephens
"@NotTheWoodster: Call me Mr.Consecutive. #belmont #FiveStraight"

Jim McKay
"@YellowJacket: I was the first voice of Baltimore television. #truedat"

Samuel D. Riddle,
owner of War Admiral

"@RiddleMeThis: #FF @WarAdmiral #matchrace38"

Bill Shoemaker
"@IfTheShoeFits: Next writer that calls me the George Blanda of horse racing is gonna get it. #oldguysrule"

Pittsburgh Phil
@GamblingFool: "Hey anybody got a Form? Wait...what...they haven't invented it yet?"

Hope you enjoyed this little post about Twitter handles gone dark....if you have any good ones leave them in the comments.



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