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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LL Cool G

I was never one of the cool kids in school. Always behind in fashion, the newest gadgets or whatever was cool. Fast forward 25-30 years, yep, same guy, different decade. In hindsight, I do wish I could have had big hair like these dudes though. If I was cool, I'd definitely have one of these. These days, I have to google idioms like RT and FML just to stay up with the lingo, while using technology I never dreamed would exist. To corroborate this fact I used eBay for the first time this weekend and was uber nervous that I would mess up the payment part. My first purchase? A 1996 Kentucky Derby pin, thank you very much. So I've outted myself as a nerdy accountant who is faking it the best he can. Think what you want.

Heading to the Jersey Shore this weekend for my cousin's wedding. Don't ask me about getting married on the Shore in March, was hoping it would have been this summer with a little side visit to MTH, but alas, love conquers all. However, I think the timing may be perfect to catch the Florida Derby on ESPN (the only prep that isn't on "The Deuce") as I think it should be right between the ceremony and reception...sweet. Looking forward to seeing if Dunkirk can withstand the class test.

Speaking of TV broadcasts, it appears that the April 4th preps will not be televised as part of the Road to the Kentucky Derby Series, which means we'll have to find alternative means to watching the Wood Memorial and/or the Santa Anita Derby. Two HUGE freaking races. The big showdown between the Mousse and Pioneerof the Nile will be relegated to TwinSpires TV and/or HRTV. I'm wondering if TVG will be preempted on the Wood, similar to the Gotham (which I guess is owned by ABC), meaning we'll be relegated to a replay? Plus we get to see Keeneland's Coolmore Lexington Stakes on the 18th, three weeks prior to Derby Day. Number of Derby winners coming out of this race in the past 35 years: uno, Charismatic in 1999. (update thanks to commenter Eddie D....NBC has the April 4th preps - cool!)

Anyone try the Wii G1 Jockey 2008 game? Is it only available overseas? Let me know what you think? I'm not a gamer, but my kids love the Wii and I need a game I can beat them at.

It's definitely a small world. My handicapping pal, JB, who was guest blogging for me last week, played D-3 college hoops at a rival school and we just missed playing against each other by a year or two in the mid/late 80's. Of course, one of his teammates did happen to light me up one night in Elmira circa 1983. I was having a rough night (too much celebration after finals, if I remember correctly) which caused me to ask the coach during a timeout "i think it's time we went back to the zone, coach." Hoops and horses, can't beat it.

Ok, off to see if I won an old racing program on eBay, pretty cool eh?


Superfecta said...

Welcome to eBay, finally! I just celebrated 10 years as a customer. I've bought some odd racing-related stuff over the years.

Unknown said...

The Santa Anita Derby and Wood Memorial Stakes will be on NBC.

I joined eBay in fall 1997 and quit sometime around 2005.

Anonymous said...

Great links in this post...fmylife could easily help kill off the rest of my afternoon!

ebay is incredible, but let's keep tabs on each other in case we end up in a bidding war over the same old program!!



Anonymous said...

Eddie D - I heard NBC was covering the SA Derby & Illinois Derby on 4/4, but then again I don't have the same access to info as you :)

And hey LL Cool G, when I met you at Belmont you had hair exactly like those dudes, stop frontin'!

The Turk said...

Welcome to EBAY Gene! Sooner or later when we get together I have to bring you to my office. I have created my own thorougbred museum, all from EBAY. I have all 11 Triple Crown winners in B&W on one wall, and personal favorites adorning the others. At home, I started a beer stein and derby glass collection, and the most recent addition was a Richard Mandela give away stein from Oak Tree. It's all there on that internet-thingy! Great posting lately as ususual. I couldn't agree with you more about the pathetic NTRA/ESPN idea of what races deemed coverage and which ones didn't.

SaratogaSpa said...

Great post at least to the Fmylife post, I hit the link and got absorbed with all the FML posts-sorry to say some seemed most familiar. I think I find a new great time waster!

Gene Kershner said...

Super & Keith: I can see eBay being a dangerous proposition!

Eddie: Thanks for the tip...still not listed at NTRA Racing Schedule website...

Dana: the gals in that picture seem to look familiar...

Turk: i'll definitely take you up on that after April 15th and when you're done travelin'

Spa: probably the funniest site I've found on the web...FML

Thanks for reading!


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