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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Best Sports Day of the Year?

I was listening to the local sports talk radio station on my way to work this morning and they were tossing around the question "what is the best sports day of the year?" Today has to rank right up there, with the amount of office pools, games running from just after noontime 'til midnight, usually with some fantastic finishes (buzzer beaters and the like). I know it ranks up there for me and the office and conference room TV's will be tuned in all day for occassional viewing.

What was interesting is that the hosts threw the Kentucky Derby out there, you know, because of the "gambling" and "the pageantry", in addition to the "beautiful May weather." Now that's one debate (the gambling part) I'm not going to start or subscribe to, but I found it interesting that it was the second event mentioned on a radio show out of Buffalo. I would think the Super Bowl would be right up there as one of the best sports days. Note the parallels with gambling with these big events though (SB, KD, NCAA's...pretty interesting). I remember a guy out of San Francisco (Brian Murphy...just looked it up - wonder where he is now, used to enjoy reading his schtick), who used to write for ESPN who always thought Cooler Day was the best day (NCAA Championship, MLB opening day and Masters opening day) which typically occurs on the first Monday in April every year.

My personal faves:
1 - Today
2 - Kentucky Derby day
3 - Opening day at the Ralph (Bills home opener)
4 - Opening day at the Spa
5 - Super Bowl
6 - Masters Sunday

What do you think the best sports day of the year is and why?


Colins Ghost said...

Breeders Cup, Kentucky Derby, and Thurs/Fri of the NCAA tourney are far and away my favorite days. The NCAA tourney might have the edge because their are so many games with so many great finishes.

Unknown said...

Kentucky Derby day for me, but that's because everything I do points to those two minutes.

When I actually lived in Cleveland, opening day for baseball (even when the Indians stunk) was pretty special, but living away from that makes that not quite as exciting.

SaratogaSpa said...

This is all so Subjective-which makes Sports so Fun. I grew up in New York City -where Baeball opening Day is Huge-but for someone in the Midwest, it is not, but yet Opening Day for College Football is like Church for them. That is why I love Sports-it is the passion. My subjective Top 5:

1. Kentucky Derby Day (of course)
2. MLB Opening Day (just reminds that on this one day hope springs eternal-I'm a Mets fan :)
3. Opening Day at the Spa ( just a great day)
4. NCAA Tourney Day 1 (the whole anything can happen feel of it)
5. Super Bowl ( more of a cultural event at this point)

Anonymous said...

First Saturday in June can be pretty awesome: Belmont; Stanley Cup finals; French Open. Start in the morning and go all the way through...

Michael said...

Opening day of baseball usually coincides with the NCAA Championship game -- and while that's a pretty good day, it's still no Derby Day.

Breeders' Cup Day used to be heaven for racing fans, until they moved some of the great races to Friday and left us with shit races like the Marathon and Juvenile Turf on Saturday.


1. Ky Derby Day
2. Thu of NCAAs
3. Fri of NCAAs
4. Masters Sunday
5. Opening MLB/NCAA Champ

I also really like the British Open...

Anonymous said...

My favourite sports day is International Day at Woodbine.
A card full of great turf races usually featuring talent from Canada, USA and all over Europe.

Held in October, it's usually hitting World Series time as well...

Not a bad time of year!

Anonymous said...

Having participated as a player in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament (D-III) and reaching the Final Four in 1988 -- this time of year is my favorite in sports. Seeing the kids compete and hang together in victory and defeat, coaches coach and fans go crazy brings back great memories. Kentucky Derby, NFL Championship Sunday, Breeders Cup Saturday and Sunday round at the Masters round out my list.

Gene Kershner said...

Great suggestions...totally missed Breeders Cup (that would be on the list in a do-over)....a couple other good suggestions were Ryder Cup Sunday (by my cuz in law on my facebook link) and the Belmont (by teresa).

Not surprised the SB got bashed...

Around Bflo, first day of the Stanley Cup playoffs is pretty big (especially when we're in it - drats)


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