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Monday, January 5, 2009

One Track Mind

- It's one of those know, sitting around wondering what ever happened to Stevie Cauthen? Now I know.

- So today's post title deals with how I tried to handicap Gulfstream and Aqueduct on Saturday at the same time, weaving between tracks. Bad idea. Please stop me if I try this again. I focused solely on Aqueduct on Sunday (other than the 3yo filly race and the Old Hat) to much better results. I guess I do have a one track mind...

- I got a break yesterday at AQU on Mister Triester, whom I played a $5WP on, as the stewards obviously don't read my blog, as they were nice enough to take down Believeinmenow after some bumping at the beginning of the race to open the door. Wah-lah. Of course, I had no idea what was going on and since they didn't post the results right away, I had a sneaky feeling I might be getting a break...and TVG was too busy showing TP or HAW than to show what the inquiry about. Can you say pleasantly surprised? Of course, if it was Tampa Bay Downs I could read about the stewards decision on why they took Believeinmenow down. The charts were very helpful: "Folllowing a stewards inquiry the winner was disqualifed from first and placed third." Wow, thanks for all that insight, Captain Obvious.

- Huge capping feux paux in the opener though. I was really digging Make the Point ($41.60) who drifted up to 20-1 and had him underneath Charging Hero and Energy Center on my exacta tickets. I need to commit to my gut more often. I saw something I liked in the form, but couldn't pull the trigger. It's what I love about this game though, you can see the most minute detail and it can make all the difference in the world.

- Almost caught the negative show pool on Saturday in the 6th at AQU, as huge 2/5 favorite Toulouse Lautrec was capturing almost 95% of the total show pool. I slipped two $2 show tickets on the two other horses that were less than 18-1 on the board, Tranquil Manner and Haitian Sensation, hoping Toulouse would miss the board and the payouts would be gargantuan. Toulouse and HS locked up in a speed duel and Tranquil Manner deep closed on them to win, but Toulouse saved all the bridgejumpers with his third place finish. My show bets paid $5.50, so all wasn't lost. But damn, oh so close. Here is an example of what can happen when the big favorite misses the board, in this case, War Pass.

- Dipped down to 497th (and $7.80) in the DRF Winter of our Discontent Contest picking only one winner (Jibboom - what a ride by GoGo) out of four. My two second choices won outright (Loch Dubh and Delightful Kiss) and a third choice, Notonthesamepage won. Oh well, 7 winners out of 20 to date, and still within striking distance. Fatal mistake not taking Loch Dubh instead of the chalk Rudy Flyer at this point in the contest.

- Bill Belichick received one vote for coach of the year, probably didn't come from here.

- Mr. Not Really discusses the bloggers/pamphleteers corollary in his post today, which I know I've heard somewhere else before....hmm.....oh yeah here it is. Good stuff if you haven't read Bill Conlin of the Philly Daily News at his finest, taking nasty shots at the blogging establishment.

- If you were on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette wouldn't it make sense if you made it to the finale to throw in the towel or tank it since you are almost assured of your own show in the next season as the main event with twice the exposure? Speaking of reality television, a number of bloggers have pandered around the idea of a reality television show related to horses, jockeys, owners and trainers, etc. " Imagine a camera crew following around the jockeys, trainers and connections for a reality TV show after the Derby, and possibly with the Triple Crown on the line."

- While reading Johnny U over the holidays, I was made aware of an interesting racing tidbit related to Steelers founder Art Rooney, Sr. who ended up taking a pass (no pun intended) on Mr. Unitas back in the mid fifties. It has been long rumored that Mr. Rooney enjoyed betting the ponies and supposedly won $2,500 at Saratoga Race Course in 1933, and turned those winnings into the franchise fee for the Pittsburgh Steeler football franchise. Makes me want to root on the Stillers (sic) this weekend. I guess he also had a few good days at AQU, but the details are a little sketchy everywhere you look. The Rooney family still owns Yonkers Raceway and the Palm Beach Kennel Club (well, as far as I know, if I'm wrong someone will call me on it.)

- Last night I was like a kid in the candy store after two days of handicapping racing, watching the NFL playoffs and then it just got better........Goldfinger on BBC America Network and the best line ever: Bond: You expect me to talk? Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to DIE! And then on MASN, Game Five of the Orioles-Reds 1970 World Series. Wow. Stupendous. You never forget the first year you can remember a sporting event.

- Sometimes if you have a One Track Mind, you win!


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