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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Forecast: Toga Party!

One of my handicapping pals, JB, gave me an idea for a post yesterday and I am granting him all credit for this idea, which I have only expanded upon slightly. Let's have a little informal contest forecasting some of the results of the upcoming Toga meet in a couple of different areas. I'll be bold enough to throw mine out there (1 pt per correct answer), winner gets bragging rights (what more is there?). 12 total pts available plus a tie-breaker. Post your picks in my comments section or email them to me and I will maintain a spreadsheet and we'll see who does the best by the end of the meet. Must post in this post's comment section before next Wednesday's meet starts at 1pm EST.

EquiSpace selections:

1) Leading trainer for the meet (based on wins): Pletcher
2) Number of leading trainer wins during the meet: 25
3) Leading jockey for the meet (based on wins): Prado
4) Number of leading jockey wins during the meet: 42
5) Jim Dandy winner: Da'Tara

6) Whitney winner: Commentator
7) Number of wins by the 8 horse on Friday, 08/08/08: 2
8) Alabama winner: Proud Spell
9) Sword Dancer winner: Daytona
10) Travers winner: Harlem Rocker
11) King's Bishop winner: J be K
12) Travers Day attendance: 34,500

Tiebreaker (bonus) Jockey earnings leader: Coa

Final standings will be tabulated Labor Day eve.

Good luck!

Here's something to get you all fired up for the meet (this scene is R rated for those who shouldn't be watching and you know who you are)!

Credit to classyfilms (youtube)


Patrick J Patten said...

Cool Coal Man
Student Council
Proud Spell
Harlem Rocker
J Be K
JR Velazquez

Wind Gatherer said...

Dumb question.

Where can I find out who is running in those races?

Gene Kershner said...

Winston: Not a dumb question at all. That's the challenge, guessing who will be running in them. Sword Dancer (best East Coast turfers), Jim Dandy and Travers (3yo colts), Whitney (older route horses) Alabama (3yo fillies)and King's Bishop (sprinters). Two of the races are during the first weekend so by this weekend should have a good idea who may be running...

Handride saw Curlin may be pointed at the Sword Dancer as a turf prep and took a bold shot (and one I am now jealous of)...

Good luck.

Wind Gatherer said...

Very well...Price is Right rules?
1) Pletcher or Ditka
2) 26
3) Prado or Ditka
4) 37
5) Pyro or Ditka
6) Notional or Ditka
7) 0
8) Proud Spell or Ruffian
9) Red Rocks or Ditka
10)Smooth Air or Hurricane Ditka
11)J Be K or Ditka
12)47657 unless Ditka shows then 257,000
13)Prado or Ditka

Gene Kershner said...

1) Always wanted Ditka to coach the Bills. Love his cigar bar in your neck o the woods.

2) No Price as Right...closest either way (ties still earn a point)

3) Grand Island bridge does suck (shoulda called me for alternative route)

4) Looks like you did your homework on selections.

5) I have several email selections and will post a spreadsheet after I return from opening day.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Great idea and thanks for the reminder in your post today!

1) Contessa
2) 32
3) Coa
4) 38
5) Pyro
6) AP Arrow
7) 3 (shouldn't this be question #8? :)
8) Proud Spell
9) Grand Courtier
10) Music Note
11) J Be K
12) 48,378

TB) Prado

SaratogaSpa said...

1) Contessa
2) 23
3) Cornelio Velasquez
4) 41
6) Grasshopper (if he does not run-Commentator)
7) 8 (of course-right?)
8) Music Note
9)Curlin ( a boy can dream)
10) Harlem Rocker
11) J Be K
12) 42,500 (39,000 if it is a hot as last year)
13) Prado

Valerie Grash said...

1) Bill Mott
2) 23
3) Alan Garcia
4) 40
5) Pyro
6) Timber Reserve
7) 0
8) Proud Spell
9) Better Talk Now
10) Tale of Ekati
11) J be K
12) 30,144

TB: Kent Desormeaux


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